08 February 2013

5 Things Friday!

Im snowed in! In all actuality there is no snow outside at all. It might be raining, but I dont think its snowing at all. However, today is my day off and thus you'd think I was being productive but..... Nope. So today.....

5 Things That I Should (but probably wont) Do While I'm Snowed In!

1. Clean my room. Because when you shop as excessively as I do, you run out of space for things. And I have random piles everywhere! It drives me crazy to look at, yet I dont even know where to begin.
2. Get ahead on some school work..... procrastination at its finest. I read... but most of my assignments require writing... and im just not in the mood for it.
3. Spend some time with my grandma. And shes only in the living room. Its not that I dont WANT to... I just feel like she's going to talk me to death, and then our time is going to be very short lived.
4. Catch up on some sleep. Because with starting school, and trying to balance that, work and personal life... I've probably only slept 3/4 hours a night for the passed couple weeks. But even this morning I woke up bright and early like I had somewhere to go.... and I cant do the nap thing anymore. I used to LOVE sleeping during the day. Now I just cant seem to force myself to do it.
5. Come up with a more effective way of doing all the things that I want/need to do. I need to schedule,organize and plan. This ranges from ways to arrange time, save money, and eat better.

Alas... I have a decent amount of time to do all these things I've listed.... But I dont feel like doing anything... I just want to veg. And ill probably spend the day blog hopping, watching netflix, and checking facebook and instagram. I suck... LOL

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  1. I can really relate to this post...so much I should be doing, but really no motivation. I was hoping to get some planning and organizing done, but I woke up feeling blah. So, it's not looking good. :) Pleased to have you on the hop this morning!


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