13 February 2013

Daydreamin... && im thinkin of you!

#blogfact ..... I am a complete space cadet.

&& not in the sense that I'm stupid or anything because I've always gotten amazing grades in school... I read at above average levels... and I know random words or facts that most people could care less about.

But I probably spend a good 2 hours (not all at once of course) out of the time that I'm awake... daydreaming. Thankfully I've been pretty busy lately and stuff fills my time but I could literally stare into space and become completely involved in my own world. My boyfriend hates it. But I think its cause he doesnt even realize I'm doing it. He spends a good portion of the time asking me "Why do you look so sad?" when in reality my brain isn't even on this planet to care about whats going on. Its bad. I escape. But I love it. It makes things suck less.

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