22 September 2013

Let's Talk..... Life Update

Hey blog beauties!!

So much is always going on. It's so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that is LIFE! I know I owe you guys a hair post but honestly this is another post coming from my cellphone and  I cant seem to get into a consistent schedule to have time to sit in front of the computer.

Currently I work full-time but only 4 days a week.. That means every shift I work is between 10-12 hours. It's a lot for me. By the end of those days the only thing I feel motivated enough to do is sleep. I haven't opened the computer in so long that I even do my homework assignments on my cell phone! This is another reason I reaaallllllyyyy want an iPad. At least I'll have bigger screen space to type and I can organize my thoughts a little better. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.  I'm trying to get it as a gift *hint hint* LOL.

As far as hair... I'm transitioning to natural. I wanted to write this long elaborate post about what it really meant for me but time is not on my side right now. So the short and sweet version... I want healthier hair.... I want my hair to grow.. && as much as I love  my extensions... They aren't doing anything for the thickening of my hair... So I'm giving them a rest. I already have moments where I'm like... Hmmm maybe I should rethink this... But I know the end result will make me feel better... So I'm sticking it out!!

P.S. I've recently had the pleasure of getting to know the beautiful Miya a little more.. && it's nice to make new blog friends! Give her a visit... She has big things coming soon that could interest a lot of people.

Catch up soon! Promise it won't be long.

11 September 2013


So I've wanted to blog about my hair for forever.... but I know it's gonna be a long post and I don't have it in me to type it all on my phone... its too much work... I want to get an ipad but some grumpy pants (boyfriend) is saying I don't need one. Then he holds me hostage at his house for days and I'm laptop-less and can't type much of anything.  *sigh*.. so yea... hair post coming soon. Better posts coming soon. And please forgive the typos if there are many because I'm currently posting this from my cell phone at his house.. be back soon loves!!!


03 September 2013

Falling for Fall...


As every other woman on this planet does. But I'm honestly just now finding myself fashion-wise. I'm beginning to develop my own ideas of wants and dislikes.. and putting together outfits in my head when i see pieces that I like. Prior to this..... my boyfriend dressed me!... No seriously... Not all the time but most of the time. He has a pretty good sense of fashion and he can put together an outfit!!!! LOL.

All that being said... Over the passed few years Fall has become my favorite season. I love it because of the endless possibilities with layering... I love scarves... And honestly its the beginning of the holiday season which I just love in general.. ESPECIALLY in NYC. && even though spring is big on layering... I love fall colors more. 

Soooo some of my fall basics this year...

Scarves - I used to HATE wearing scarves.... but now the fashion aspect of them appeals to me... they're more of an accessory for me honestly.. than thinking about the suffocating warmth aspect of it... LOL

I am definitely like an elementary school kid when it comes to fall/winter accessories... im constantly losing scarves... Forever 21 has plenty of cute ones for under $15 bucks though that helps to ease the pain (slightly) when the scarf monster (relative of the sock monster) swoops in and steals from me. 
 Cardigans - Because is it even possible to layer without them??
I love all kinds of sweaters but this Boyfriend Cardigan (left) and "Cozy" Cardigan both grabbed my attention when I was doing some (not needed) online shopping... Courtesy of Forever 21.com

Jackets - Its not cold enough (hopefully) for a full blown coat but you might need that extra layer. 

*FYI*.. every year I suffer the leather jacket struggle.. I can never find one cute (read:cheap) enough that I want to spend the money on and that fits comfortably.... sooo any ideas would be helpful in that department!!!

Admittedly... Im a big under-dresser when it comes to outerwear so this peacoat (Left- Victoria Secret) is probably something I'd wear all throughout winter also... I'd just add more layers underneath for pretend warm! Both of these utility jackets (Center - Forever 21, Right - BCBGeneration) are super cute too. 

And Shoes simply because I'm a woman.. and we all need endless endless pairs of shoes.... =)
Cowboy Boots (left- Justfab.com 'Roca'), Moccassins (Top Middle- Minnetonka) and Combat Boots (Top Right - Steve Madden 'Troopa') have all been my go to shoes in the past. I just took an interest in wedge sneakers (bottom right - Steve Madden 'Hilight') recently and im excited to see how well I pull them off with different outfits this coming season.

SOOOOOO .... what are some of your fall necessities/favorite places to shop for fall basic pieces?? 

xx Tanay.

02 September 2013

Labor Day Weekend!.

I have a love/hate relationship with Labor Day.

For one thing... I live in NYC.... so anyone who knows anything about Labor Day weekend in NYC you know it can get a little cray cray.

When I was younger (cause I'm soooo much older now) I loved it. Who doesn't love having a carefree weekend... food/dancing/alcohol... a teenage girls dream! But NOW.... I'm not a fan... I honestly spend the 24 hours between Sunday night and Monday night

  • wondering if my boyfriend is alive because I choose to refrain from the parade festivities, phones barely work on the parkway, and fun/violence become synonymous every year around this time.
  • hoping no one else I know gets hurt
  • wishing I could just go shopping and no one else was in the mall for the sales (I know that's completely unrelated to everything going on LOL... but who doesn't love clothing?!?!)
I'm all for family functions and doing things of the safe nature... LOL... but I'm not into the craziness anymore. I don't understand why people aren't able to have fun without the violence. Before 10pm my grandmother was already telling me about a BABY getting shot... seriously?!.. *sighs*... 

so yea... ill stay inside... plus I work usually anyway. lol