29 March 2013

What's for Dinner??

Boyfriend and I never very rarely fight. In fact, in our almost 3 years I can't really remember any significant arguments that we've had. We'd be the perfect candidates for the posters of happy young adult relationships. But when it comes to deciding what to eat for dinner, I want to cry every night. We don't live together (yet ^_^), his house is being renovated so there is NO stove, and my grandma still thinks that at 23 if i attempt to cook for more than one person I'll burn the house down. So the nights we do eat dinner together, all we're doing is deciding between an array of garbage to eat! I'M NOT PICKY. Most nights after work and school I'm happy to eat anything so i can go to sleep. But it always becomes much much more difficult.

Him: Babe what do you wanna eat?
Me: It doesn't matter to me really whatever, you have in mind I'm fine with. (god please let him have something in mind)
Him: It doesn't matter to me either, I want to eat whatever you want to eat........
**Minutes usually go by as we both wait for the other person to just say what they want**
Me: Doesn't matter babe just pick something.
Him: BABE! I don't care, I just want to eat! Just tell me what you want to eat.
**insert every four letter expletive you can think of... because now in my head I'm mentally cursing him out LMAO**
Me: OK well its INSERT SOME TIME AFTER 9PM HERE so the only options we have really are A or B... and I'm fine with whichever one.
Him: Do you want to just get Insert something that was neither A nor B here?
Me: *mentally banging my head against the wall, falling out, arms flailing, full on two yr old tantrum* Yea that's fine. 

And that's how we usually decide what's for dinner. He knows what he wants, but he sits me through a 20 minute production... maybe so he can say he asked me and I said I had no preference. IDK lol. But I love him nonetheless. Just pray for us when we actually live together because deciding on food to actually COOK, I don't know if I'm ready for that. LOL

*special thanks to my mom on her indecisiveness and reluctance to choose dinner at her house every night... the conversations between her and my step dad are VERY similar.. except the expletives are probably out loud LMAO*

26 March 2013

Blog Design//Unbeweavable//&& Being In The Closet

My blog design is still super simple. But I love it that way. I feel like it exemplifies my personality. And quite possibly some of my vanity. Either way... I love it. && im proud of me for making the header on my own =D

I took my extensions out last night and i MIGHT want to cry. I am probably addicted to weave. My natural hair is a good length on its own but i just love the added.... something... from my weave. AND its easier for me to maintain. But I had a braid that was almost 2 inches away from my scalp LOL. So it was time to give my hair a rest. Ill be back in a few weeks though. I cant stay away. 

I am an in the closet fashion lover!!! In the closet because no one close to me understands. I just got the infamous "you dress a little like a white girl" the other day. WHY when a black girl does not follow the stereotypes of the black female dress code do we then dress like white girls? Whatevs, I love clothes, shoes, hair... everything. And I just took a very late noticing to Rita Ora and how she dresses unbelievably amazing. I had to search through facebook and then through the blogosphere until I found a fellow blogger Tranay who I KNEW would understand (she even blogged about her here). So yea, Im in love. And if anyone else wants to come out of the closet with me, or feels like sharing their love of fashion. Im here. An open book =)

XOXO Nay <3

25 March 2013

Bear (Bare?) With Me....

Because you'll notice my blog layout change numerous times today. Im working on learning how to create my own layout and for any of you who have done so before.... you already know it is WORK. So keep patient please =)

22 March 2013

Relationships are HARD [[&& 5 Things Friday]]

I have the most amazing boyfriend in THE WORLD. A good partner is hard to come by especially in these days with all the media and sexual brainwashing. We live in a society that praises "big booty hoes" and women with goals, dreams, and ambition have a seat on the back burner. IT is HARD being in a relationship. But so worth it if its something you want!

Thus I come to 5 Things Friday. I've had writers block for THE longest and even though this is a personal blog I found myself at a loss for HOW I wanted to say what I wanted to say. But I'm back in full effect (I think) and I'm starting with:

5 Things It Helps Me to Remember in my Relationship

1. Communicate!

If you can't talk to your partner, it'll never ever work. The good, the bad, the random! It's an amazing feeling to feel like you can pour your heart out to someone. Start with baby steps and make your way up, but it is very very important to have that open line of communication.

2. Being mad is OK.

I'm a firm believer that you can love someone with everything you have and not like them everyday. Some days I'd like to give my boyfriend a good swift kick.... LOL. But going back to #1 its important to talk it out. TALK being the operative word... if you cant communicate without getting upset its OK to take a break and revisit the issue. And it is OK to go to bed angry. Sometimes exhaustion and high emotion don't mix. Sleeping  it off always makes me feel better. And I don't feel guilty about going to bed upset. My boyfriend knows when I'm mad at him, I don't love him any less. Sometimes it helps to just recollect.

3. Privacy is the best policy.

Some of the most well liked celebrity couples, we know nothing about their relationships. Social media is not an outlet for everything. Some aspects of your relationship just do not need to be shared. Females especially have a habit of venting to their friends every time their partner upsets them. When you leave room for other people to give their opinion, they're going to give it. The best thing to do when your mad, is to separate yourself from the situation and do something that is going to make yourself feel better. Then when you're over it and you speak to your partner THEN tell your girlfriends if you MUST. I know there are some times when you just NEED to speak to someone else about the situation but the first person you should speak to is the one involved.

4. Timing is everything. Space is essential

Its important to spend time together, but every waking moment, gets overwhelming. It's really true what they say you have to have time to miss them. As cute as it is to be "always together" everything in moderation. Even married couples need time apart. I'm not saying separate vacations or anything but 24/7. That's asking for you to be clawing each other's eyes out.

5. There are no rules.

Don't let anyone define what your relationship should be like. Everyone is different and what works for some people, doesn't work for everyone. You know your significant other better than ANYONE. What makes you happy, as long as your both healthy, is perfection.

All that being said, these are just things that I look at when I'm thinking about MY relationship. Like I previously stated what works for some might not work for all and there really are NO rules. I've never been big on letting other people define me and lucky for me my boyfriend accepts me all craziness included.

The End ^_^

21 March 2013

Waiting for Spring [[&&]] My "beef" with the groundhog.

Punxsutawney Phil. Pic courtesy of npr.org

I'm upset. I've been betrayed. Misguided. DECEIVED EVEN!
Because last month on Feb. 2nd, our beloved groundhog predicted an early spring. 

This calendar year spring "officially" began yesterday March 20th. And what did we get in beautiful NYC? MORE SNOW. granted it was only flurries but I'm SICK of the cold already.

You blew it Phil. I don't know if ill ever be able to trust another groundhog again. And I'm pretty sure you predicted a long winter last year and the weather was opposite. 

Maybe, just maybe... our groundhog is losing his vision. You know what they say Phil, three strikes you're out!


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13 March 2013

Being 23....

I've been 23 for 23 days (because everyone counts that).

 I was never really excited about my birthday this year because in some ways i felt like 23 was the end of my adolescence.... I know... crazy sounding.. But it makes sense in my head. Being 23 officially makes me feel "old"... I know that people say your 20's are the times to live it up, and make mistakes, and just have fun. But i feel like you have to do all that with a plan... because everyone knows time flies when you're having fun.

I feel like i just turned 20 yesterday... and i don't want to be 30 and not be confident in the woman that I am. In a perfect world at 30 ill be married... ill have a baby... and ill be happy in my career... but I'm very much a realist. I know my timeline is not etched in stone and the world wont collapse if things don't happen WHEN or how i want them. but i do refuse to be 30 and unhappy. I see it everyday.... it terrifies me. 

So right now in my close-to-mid 20's. I'm planning. I'm learning how to manage my time. I'm working on managing money... and I'm figuring out who I want to be. Because that's what your 20's are for. Finding yourself... And that doesn't just mean drinking until blackout drunk every weekend (though once in a while we all love a good blackout! LOL), and spending all the money that you DO make at the job you had to search months for. My future is very important to me... but I'm going to love being 23. =) 

And of course some pictures that I've taken since I've been this whole year older =D

Shameless Bday Selfie


And just a random outfit pic

05 March 2013

Breathe.... Recollect... [[short life update]]

I have been BUUUUUUUSY. Not that everyone isnt extremely busy but I've just been tired. I've missed blogging but I feel like anytime I have a free moment I'm trying to see boyfriend, sleep, or do something to my enjoyment. Because working full-time and school full-time..... is hard. It's my first time trying to manage both together and some days I just want to crawl into my bed and pretend nothing exists.

In my absence though, I turned 23 =). && that is pretty much the only thing exciting and new that has happened. Which is enough for me. I'm also considering vlogging. Because I like listening to myself talk and I like to look at myself. Vain I know, but i find myself interesting.

That's pretty much it though. I'm going to be back more. Im slowly but surely getting it together.