01 February 2013

5 Things Friday...

Hello loves! Just a heads up this is going to come off as a grumpy post. Its not though at all! I've actually had a great week and I'm still in a great mood today! I just started thinking randomly and what better place to put ALL random thinking? So...

5 Things that I just don't like....

  1. I don't overly LIKE Fridays. Working in retail I work weekends 99% of the time so for me Friday is just another day. It's actually a day I've come to dread because I have to get up every Friday morning and go to a stupid meeting in which nothing of importance is ever discussed or things I could have figured out on my own are OVER reviewed. So I hate Fridays, but I know that will change once i have a M-F job (if only!)
  2. I don't like partying. Don't get me wrong I don't HATE it. If someone invites me to a party ill go, ill have way too much fun, and I probably wont remember it! But I don't find myself wondering where or when  the next party is like the typical 20-something year old.
  3. Incorrect spelling drives me insane! There is literally spell check EVERYWHERE! I have a habit of correcting peoples spelling all the time. They hate it, I cant help it. Incorrect grammar bugs me too but even I suck at that sometimes, so I'm not AS anal about it.
  4. No matter how many times I repeatedly tell people I DON'T like being touched.... they still touch me! My face, my hair.... It makes my skin crawl. If I haven't invited you into my personal space, please stay out of it. 
  5. I don't like being cold. Bears have the completely right idea about hibernation! If only it were acceptable for humans.

So when I went back over my post with spell check I noticed I made up my own contraction LOL. "That'll" isn't a real word? Since when? I swear I hear people say that all the time! Hmph... lol... Well anyway.. What are some things you guys don't like? Or what are some things that you guys love that I mentioned that I don't like? OR just comment to say hey... WHATEVER works for you guys lol. 


  1. #5 Skinny girl problems lol. I tell everyone I want to hibernate in the Winter all the time lol. Life should just cease until the Spring :). Yup that works for me!

    1. lol yea i love spring! spring and fall. the weather is perfect.

  2. I agree with numbers 2 - 5. Those are literally me to a T! I have a 9 - 5 monday through fridays so fridays are usually a relief for me. But having a 9 - 5 can make life very dull and repetitive, that's just my personal opinion.

    1. lol people act like im crazy when i say i dont like being touched! it literally gives me the heebie jeebies. i feel like if i had a 9-5 i could find other things to do though.

    2. I completely agree! I hate being touched, I'm not a pet lol


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