17 June 2014

Time to Move on...

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28 May 2014

Hump Day Bumpdate - 16 Weeks

First of all... how much do I suck that my last post was 2 weeks ago and it was a bumpdate also? I have literally not even opened my laptop since that last post. I'll do better. I'm going to try to at least. Cross your fingers ya'll. ANYWHO... on to the baby news =) 

16 Weeks! Baby might be trying to show =)
(Im also reduced to selfies because whenever I'm ready to take my picture boyfriend isn't around! LOL)

How far along: 16 weeks =)

Baby size: Depends on what app I use. What to Expect says baby is the size of an Avocado, and I have another app called "Ovia Pregnancy" that says baby is the size of a Dill Pickle. I'm pretty sure these are different sizes so... who knows LOL

Weight gain: As far as I know, I've only gained 3 pounds so far. And its clearly going to my stomach the little bit of weight it is. 

Maternity clothes: Nope but I've been rubber-banding some of my pants. They're starting to get a little snug.

Stretch marks: Not yet! Hope they stay away.

Sleep: Depends, last night was the first time I woke up at 5am because I was STARVING! I literally could not go back to sleep without eating. 

Gender: I know it! I'm trying to get my boyfriend to take some cute pictures this weekend so I can post up gender reveal pics.

Movement: For the past couple of days in the morning I think I feel something, then I'm like hmmm was that the baby? I don't know. I can't tell yet.

Best moment this week: Maybe feeling the baby move.

Looking forward to: Shopping! I am so excited to start buying clothes and other things. 

Food cravings: No cravings still except Icees. Earlier this week I wanted mangoes but after I got them the craving went away.

Weirdest food I ate this week: I ALMOST said I ate nothing weird until I remembered that I ate french fries from McDonald's. That's not weird for some people but I haven't eaten it in almost 4 years and I really really wanted Sweet and Sour sauce. It was kind of strange. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anymore really. Thank goodness!

Labor signs: No way!

What I miss: Sushi! I want some so bad.

Symptoms: Fatigue, itchy nipples (tmi?) and mooooooodddyyyyy!

Things that suck: my emotions! LOL. They are uncontrollable. And even worse when I'm hungry. My boyfriend probably thinks I'm a psychopath.

Things that don't suck: Knowing the baby's gender, watching my bump grow, and the fact that Orange is the New Black is a little over a week away on Netflix. =)

Til' next time loves!
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14 May 2014

HumpDay - Bumpdate 14 weeks

You guys knew it was coming! =). I STILL don't have a bump to even show but I don't want to put off the updates any longer cause I want to make sure I remember everything. 

See? Some barely there bumpage. I tell people the baby is hiding LOL

How far along: 14 weeks! =)

Baby size: Baby is the size of a lemon

Weight gain: None... which is strange to me but the doctor hasn't acted like its strange sooooo not worrying for now.

Maternity clothes: Nope!

Stretch marks: No. But I should probably really get into the habit of lotioning more often because I heard that helps.

Sleep: All day! It never feels like enough sleep. 

Gender: Don't know yet but dying to find out!

Movement: Not yet! Even though every time I've gone to the doctor we see him/her moving away so I know I have an active baby in there.

Best moment this week: Getting over this cold or allergies or whatever it was that's been attacking me!

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender, feeling the baby move!

Food cravings: I have the worst case of  "I see, I want". Pretty much anything I see... I HAVE to have.

Weirdest food I ate this week: hmmmm can't think of anything

Anything making you queasy or sick: Steak. BLEGH. 

Labor signs: NO WAY!

What I miss: Pepsi... *sigh*... and sushi!

Symptoms: Headaches.. though im not sure if its pregnancy or sinus related, and pregnancy brain! I forget everything... I was texting people Happy Birthday on Mother's Day! LOL. I've also had this nasty taste in my mouth since the first trimester that WILL NOT GO AWAY!

Things that suck: Having a stuffy nose. Having to go to work LOL

Things that don't suck: Knowing that all this will be worth it in a couple months =)

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13 May 2014


So I have been trying for THE LONGEST to upload a commenting system that works better to the blog. I really wanted to use Disqus but I CANNOT for the life of me get it to work and its making me very sad LOL. Any ideas for different commenting systems that work better? I really want to be able to keep up with my interactions with you guys cause it makes for a better blogging experience!

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06 May 2014

5 Annoying Things People Have Said/Asked Me During Pregnancy: First Trimester Edition

Pregnancy has a habit of removing all (or the little bit of) tact that people seem to have. Apparently NOTHING is off limits to say/ask a pregnant chic these days. I'm compiling a list of annoying things that people say to me throughout this pregnancy because..... I just like to reminisce on people's lack of intelligence sometimes.

  • Take your vitamins! OK this doesn't really annoy me because honestly, my memory is crap nowadays. I'd probably forget if I wasn't reminded daily. But a reminder is enough! I don't need you to physically force the vitamins down my throat! It's come close. LOL
  • Are you guys gonna get married? Eventually.... that's the plan. Am I gonna run off and get married because I'm pregnant? NO. I live in 2014 not 1814. I want to get married for love, not because I got pregnant and people think it's the "right thing" to do. 
  • You need to eat. Ya don't say? I've only managed to keep myself alive the better part of 24 years. Don't know how I would've survived without that little gem there!
  • Was it planned? So now I need to know what exactly you're asking. Was having sex planned? Was having a baby planned? Was making the baby the day I had sex planned? What exactly are you asking me? What part of my private life  EXACTLY are you trying to invade? 
  • How's "your boyfriend" handling it? This one probably irritates me the most. Because to me... this makes me feel like I trapped him in some sort of way. How SHOULD he be handling it? Are you expecting him to be handling it poorly? WTF does "handling it" mean? That sounds like someone died. Babies are exciting! We've never given an indication of having a poor or irresponsible relationship. So he's handling it like anyone else who's excited to be having a child handles it. TUH!
This is only the first trimester edition because I know it continues. It'll only get worse and I'll only get more impatient with people. I can't wait til people start telling me how big/small I am or impose their opinions on everything that I plan on doing. That's when the real fun begins =)

**sh*t that almost made the list includes: You're not breastfeeding are you? You have a little pudge, but you had some fat anyway. How old are you, 14? (that was actually a doctor!), etc.** 

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29 April 2014

Expect the Unexpected =]

Gross? Sorry not sorry =P
I contemplated for so long when would be the right time.. or the safe time.. or even a good time to blog about my little surprise. I've pretty much concluded that no time is the "safe time". Life comes at you so unexpectedly and anything can happen.

So here goes.... Super excited to be embarking on this new journey and also excited that I have this blog to document everything.

11w5d.. Coming Nov 2014. =)

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24 April 2014

Hello Lovelies [[A Couple Changes]]

I was contemplating for a long time just discontinuing use of this blog and then moving on to something new, but i feel like this blog is my baby. The archives though not lengthy, show the history of this blog and in a sense the history of me.

Life is always always changing. There's nothing wrong with that. Change is good. And I think it'll be interesting for anyone new that comes along to see the evolution the blog posts have gone through.

All that being said. Look forward to something new! Be back soon.

 Love you guys.

27 March 2014

Summer Dreams!!!

**This post is a part of ModCloth's Uniquely You campaign. All opinions expressed are my own**

I am a beach day minimalist.... I'm going to relax... Be cute.... And run for dear life from the water lol. That being said Modcloth.com has some cute pieces to complete my beach day dreams!!! What's your favorite beach wear???
Uniquely You

24 March 2014

The 1 Reason (if there were no others) Why You Should Schedule Posts inAdvance

Because sh*t happens.

You see this? I haven't posted again for a week. Because life is so busy and I'm trying to catch up. I always have a million ideas and I am a habitual procrastinator. I'm such a last minute child. 

In the past I didn't believe in scheduling posts. I felt like genuine ideas come and at the time they come that's when you should write. But then I get more than 1 idea. Or the time never opens up for me to write. Or I spend 6 hours in the ER the day I plan to post... And then my poor blog gets left in the dust. 

And then people stop reading, and I cry. You see the vicious cycle?

Please schedule your posts. Even if you just plan 2 ahead. At least you'll have a backup in case sh*t does happen (which it so kindly has a tendency to do just when you're trying to get everything together). Your readers will love you for it. 

You guys still love me, right?

17 March 2014

Loving A Millenial

Pic via Google Images
Lord knows I never thought I would SERIOUSLY quote a drake song. But yup, it's happening.

I am sometimes so so ashamed to be apart of this generation. On top of that being African-American and apart of this generation sometimes feels like a double negative. I find myself shaking my head at something almost every day (Sharkiesha? yea I'm still holding onto that.) because we (as young people) go SO hard about how others give us a bad rep and don't take the time to seriously consider the reputation we are giving ourselves. It's so sad.

I honestly thank God everyday for my relationship. We seriously live in a time where people don't even take THAT seriously. It's annoying. The countless attempts I have had from guys trying to get me to cheat on or lie to my boyfriend.... it's amazing. Living in the era of the hook-up. Walk down the street and ask 5 20-something year old's (that's so not a word, I know people) if they are familiar with the term chivalry. It's almost non-existent. I see so many of my female friends settling and it makes me upset. They settle for the "relationship" with no title. They settle for their boyfriend who cheats on them, or hurts them, or isn't even there at all because they find it easier than going through the SLEW of immature guys to find someone who will treat them like a person. And for what? The sake of not being "alone" I suppose. I don't get it. It doesn't seem worth it.

Maybe I'm an old soul. Cause I want that me and you against the world type love. I don't need social media validation type love. Our relationship is private but I'm not a secret type love.

It's hard finding love with a millennial... but I can't imagine settling.

16 March 2014

Sunday Confessionals - I am easily Overwhelmed (sometimes)

Hence my lack of posting this week. And I had some stuff lined up that I should have gotten taken care of but I just completely could not get myself to do anything related to having to touch my computer. Sorry I sucked this week.

On top of my multiple doctors visits, some stuff has just completely took over my brain. All is fine now though but I'm still absorbing. Sometimes its hard for me not to obsess, and to stay distracted and just chill out. I am an over thinker by nature. I like to have an exact plan and know exactly what's happening when and sometimes life isn't like that. I'm learning to take things in stride. Wish me luck!

How'd the week go for everyone else?

07 March 2014

You Can Say I'm a Dreamer...

Pic Courtesy of Google Images 
I am feeling way to lazy to make my own image today. I was doing good too but today I am just NOT up for it. LOL

Anywhos... I have seen this quote fluttering around the social mediasphere quite often the passed couple days and personally, as a big dreamer, I love it! I am at constant battle with myself all the time because I have a severe case of "own worst enemy". I find that often, I have such high ambitions and then I usually talk myself out of it telling myself it's not "realistic" or that it's going to be "too hard" or take "too long" or be "too much". 

So seeing this has definitely helped snap me back into my own reality. You HAVE to dream big. No one else is going to dream for you. And if you don't follow your dreams you most definitely will work for the rest of your life for someone who did. It's absolutely OK to dream big. 

And when you think the dream is TOO big... "you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling" (anyone else love Inception? Just me? K cool!) 

02 March 2014


The title pretty much sums it up. I'm pretty sure I could write nothing at all in this whole post and you guys would probably get it. But that wouldn't be any fun at all and I figured it would be interesting to give everyone  a little weekly peek into who I am. Thus I've come up with a little blog series:

Sorry (NOT REALLY) if you guys are tired of seeing black and purple around here.. my favorite colors can you tell? LOL
It could be daddy issues.. when I was growing up my father made me promise after promise and almost never went through with them. It could be relationship issues.. I was a victim of domestic violence and we all know that the abusers favorite line is "I'm Sorry". Or it could just be mental issues because anyone who knows me knows that I'm a little cray cray and possibility a little bit dramatic.
Whatever the issue is, I hate when people apologize to me. There is a very very rare occasion where I find myself having to apologize to someone. You know why? I'm a thinker. I think very very carefully about my actions and my words. If I make a promise or give someone my word about something, then I go through with what I said. 

So to me, "I'm sorry" is a cop out. I'm sorry means ... my bad for being a complete a**hat unable to think logically beyond the means of myself. I literally cringe and my whole body tenses up when anyone apologizes to me because I hate it THAT much.

I'm not completely psycho though, I don't like punch people in the throat for apologizing when they accidentally bump into me on the street. I don't mean like the regular "this was a complete accident I'm sorry" because I am well aware that accidents happen. And you can totally tell when someone is being genuine about their apology or when it's a "lemme apologize because that's probably what they wanna hear apology". I hate those. I'd rather you just give me the finger and walk away. Don't fake/cop out apologize to me. I might punch you.

23 February 2014

Sunday - Week in Review

I spent a lot of time thinking this week. I am definitely a chronic over-thinker and I can't remember if I've mentioned that here previously. But yea my mind is constantly on a thousand and sometimes the thoughts pile so high that I don't know where to release them. That's my current blogging dilemma. I have so many ideas that I don't know how to organize them.

My birthday was Wednesday. I didn't feel extra celebratory because as my boyfriend hates for me to say, I feel like I am getting old. But I've concluded (like many before me) that men and women have a completely different concept of time, and also that I have way way high expectations of myself for being 24. *shrugs*

I did go out briefly last night and made an attempt to enjoy some of my youth LOL. Didn't go quite as planned but I enjoy good times with good people and I'm learning to make the best out of every situation. Plus alcohol makes everything briefly more enjoyable and so I lived with it.

How was your week? Anyone have any quarter life crisis advice?

(P.S. A couple of the blogs that I read inspired me to include pictures in every post even if it's just a design-y type one like the one i posted at the beginning of this post. Check out Alisha , Rebecca and Kat who not only post great content but always have very visually appealing posts =). And I'm a very visual person so it makes sense.)

13 February 2014

Taking Baby Steps to Healthier Eating

So I'm pretty sure sometime last year (here) I posted about my big belly problems LOL. It's actually gotten a lot better and I'm sad to admit that it had a lot to do with poor diet. 

I am 110 pounds on a good day LOL.. but in the past a lot of times my stomach has been so bloated that I have the appearance of a muffin top. Not OK at all. So I am slowly but surely taking baby steps to eating better because I think its helpful in more than one aspect. 

My boyfriend and I eat out multiple times a week and sometimes multiple times a day. Not because neither one of us can cook.. but because both of us are flat out... lazy. We would save so much more money if we made the stuff that we are constantly spending money buying because none of it costs that much in the grocery store.

I eat multiple times a day. And when I say multiple I mean like........ 6 LOL. I feel like I am constantly hungry and that constantly warrants snacking so I am constantly eating GARBAGE. I'm working on buying healthier things because eating chips and drinking soda all day.... yea no.. can we say diabetes? And last night when I decided it was time for a snack... I didn't feel the need to eat again after. Peanut butter is pretty filling (and that's good protein right? Please say yes!) LOL

I've almost completely stopped drinking soda. And by that I mean.. once or twice a week. Which is amazing for me because I was a multiple bottle/can of Pepsi a day girl and water has NEVER been my friend. I'm still working on the water part because I'm mostly drinking juice now but I think I'm doing a lot better than I have been and that's what counts! 


What do you guys do to stay healthy?

11 February 2014

Finding a Hobby... The Dilemma

I wouldn't go as far as saying that I am having an all out identity crisis..... but I'm bordering it. LOL
I love love blogging. I love to write. I love the feeling I get from the keys underneath my fingers.
It all makes sense for me. It adds up.
But there are days truthfully when I don't feel like writing. And I would love to have interaction with humans outside of the blogosphere LOL.

Confessions of an introvert.
I don't do well with the friendship thing. And not because I'm mean or anything (even though I have my moments) but because when I finally warm up to someone, I put my all into my friendships and I usually get half-***ed reciprocation. So I don't go out of my way to make the effort anymore. I keep to myself and I read, or write or listen to music and pretend I can sing... or I harass my poor boyfriend lol. Who is the complete opposite from me and very much has a life.

So I've been thinking about what I can do and I'm making mental lists and all that jazz. Cause it's time to spread my wings! I am a (almost) 24 year old trapped in a 40 year old life. LOL

What is everyone doing for fun nowadays?

Transitioning Update: Braidout Success!!

So after my mini chop I kept my hair straight for a full gross 6 weeks lol. I am somewhat ashamed (somewhat not) about that because that means I didn't wash my hair the entire six weeks I wore it straight. I maintained it with oil and by wrapping my hair and that's pretty much what I did.

Part of my reasoning in my head for this was honestly, I was nervous. I knew once I washed my hair and it reverted that with the shrinkage it'd be a lot shorter and I wasn't sure how it'd look if I tried braid outs or Bantu Knots on them. 


Something had to give because I was starting to become ashamed of my dirtiness lmao (it really wasn't that bad only I knew I hadn't washed my hair but I just feel like 6 weeks is too long if you aren't protective styling lol). So yesterday I washed my hair, and used my new hooded bonnet to deep condition (review coming soon =D) and then after that I braided my hair into 8 plaits and air-dried overnight. This morning I unbraided (and my boyfriend HAD to get involved as usual lol) and I have been super excited all day! I can't wait til my natural hair is longer and it looks fuller. I feel like this was pretty successful for me.

Anyone else having a good hair day? 

31 January 2014

The Plague.

That's what I feel like I'm recovering from. My boyfriend had the flu, so I stayed with him to take care of him and then of course I caught it. And I have been miserable!! I'm feeling much much better now but I still don't feel motivated to do much of anything and I can't get rid of my cough. And since I have asthma, when I cough every single time it feels like a lung is going to fall out... especially when it's a dry cough.
I can't believe tomorrow is going to be February. I'll be 24 in 19 days and I am NOT looking forward to aging LOL. It's not the same exciting feeling I felt when 21 was coming, now I just feel like I'm getting older and so I should be doing MORE. I always feel like I should be doing more though, I'm a chronic over-worker. 
What's everyone been up to? 

19 January 2014

Temper, Temper

I wouldn't go all the way as far as saying that I have a BAD temper... cause no one with one wants to actually admit that LOL. But I am known for being a little firecracker. It's something that I honestly can't help. I am usually very quiet and calm (now anyway) unless I feel VERY strongly about something. Then when I do... its 0-1000 in less than a second and it's VERY hard to bring me back down. It takes HOURS sometimes for me to calm down.

That's one thing that I am trying to work on bettering. I don't want to be KNOWN for having a bad attitude because that's usually how it comes across and it really surprises people cause I am otherwise very sweet LOL. I definitely need to take up yoga or something LOL.

How do you keep calm?

16 January 2014

Mini Chop!!!! =D

So I've been tryna get my boyfriend to take pictures of my hair since I cut it almost a week ago. #FAIL! He gladly presented himself when I was taking some of myself lol but for some reason he does not wanna take a picture of my hair for me. He must be too distraught since every so often he looks at me and says "I can't believe you cut my hair off" LMAO.

My mini chop honestly was a pretty big chop in the back lol. I have an asymmetrical bob type thing goin on! So the front of my hair is about shoulder length and the back neck length.... I was close to bra strap length in the back before! 

But even the stylist at the salon was feeling my pain when she washed my hair.. When it came time to rollerset it, it was almost impossible for her to keep the relaxed hair untangled/unmatted. That actually made me smirk a little cause I thought it was a complete fail on my part and then I realized it wasn't just me who couldn't keep it together #score!

Anywho, I'm loving the hair cut! I'm excited to see my curls once I wash my hair again to see what's goin on back there and feel how much easier it is to handle cause I'm pretty sure I'm almost if not completely relaxer free in the back!! 

Wash day post coming soon?? =D 

09 January 2014

My Lame Excuse for a Length Check [5.5 months post!]

Dirty mirror, looking HIT and all LOL. Sorry, you guys get the general idea right? LOL. this was me rushing and making sure I had pictures to show you guys (and really my momma) cause I plan on mini-chopping tomorrow and then no one will see my progess.  But see all that beautiful new growth *cheeses* I'll try to catch some pictures of my length tomorrow when my hair is actually dry so you guys MAY be able to see it but you know how they do at the hair salon... they're always anxious with the scissors! 

Wish me luck beauties!

07 January 2014

Transitioning Problems {The Line of Demarcation}

I haven't posted about my hair in a while because I had a sew-in for almost 6 weeks. I've pretty much established that sew-ins are a bad idea for me... I actually blogged about that when I took out my last sew-in this life update where I briefly mentioned how I wanted my hair to be thicker and how sew-ins are still preventing that. Yea.... still a bad idea. My scalp cannot handle not being washed weekly. By the time I took my hair down, the buildup was so horrible even though it had been washed while I had the hair installed. So yea I need access to my scalp.

Anywho... the line of demarcation is the point in your hair where your new growth, and relaxed hair meet. 
Pic courtesy of diryprettythangs.com
This is the most delicate part of your hair. It's the point that needs to be moisturized the most and it's the point that has to be treated the most delicately. On my head, it also happens to be MULTIPLE points on my hair shafts. I guess all the self relaxing there are multiple points where my hair is a different texture so I definitely have some breakage. I'm ready to chop it all off but everyone is SO opposed to it. I will be doing a mini chop next month for my birthday and ill also be 7 months post relaxer (so a hair update with pictures will finally be posted) so I'm super excited about that  because I know with less relaxed ends the hair will be much easier to manage. 

What do you guys do to manage the two textures? How are you managing taking care of the line of demarcation?

06 January 2014

There's only up from here!.

google image

I am diligently working on personal growth and with that comes growth as a blogger. I want my blog to definitely show me but also be purposeful and make sure that my readers are getting something out of it as well. This year is going to be all about growth for me because I honestly feel I NEVER have time to plateau. I am probably one of those people who are never satisfied... its cool with me... Greatness doesn't come from complacency.

How are you working on your growth this year?

P.S. Who loves my new blog design as much as I do? Much more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. Check out Rekita's beautiful blog or her Etsy design shop, all the credit for my new look goes to her amazing self! <3 

02 January 2014

Welcome, 2014!

All the initial excitement of the new year has died down and while I still see the occasional new year, new me posts, they've all pretty much disappeared *insert sigh of relief*. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for people changing... but I wouldn't mind if we all thought of a new, maybe individual phrase so that we weren't all ringing in cliches as the clock struck midnight.

As for me, I am looking forward to the new year being a year of growth. I spent much of 2013 in misery. Don't get me wrong I was generally happy, but at the same time I was dying for change. I felt like I was stuck in a place where I couldn't thrive at all. It was not working for me.

I quit my job the day after Christmas. So many people don't understand my reasoning behind it but to me it makes perfect sense. I am trying to grow into a certain type of person. My job was not allowing me to grow. And not at all in the sense that they weren't supportive because I had an amazing support system during my last couple of months, but the job was not for me. I got no sense of satisfaction out of what I was doing and I most often felt defeated. If you hate your job, quit it.

So of course I didn't quit without a back up plan and I'm very excited about work now. I feel happier in a place where I am allowed to express myself as an individual and not just force something on people based on company standards. I no longer feel robotic.

I am looking forward to 2014 with an extremely new insight. This year is all about growing as a person, spiritually, a blogger, a girlfriend, a big sister, and so much more. 2014 is MY year. This year I am looking forward to being not a new person, but a better one. The only way to go is up.