23 February 2014

Sunday - Week in Review

I spent a lot of time thinking this week. I am definitely a chronic over-thinker and I can't remember if I've mentioned that here previously. But yea my mind is constantly on a thousand and sometimes the thoughts pile so high that I don't know where to release them. That's my current blogging dilemma. I have so many ideas that I don't know how to organize them.

My birthday was Wednesday. I didn't feel extra celebratory because as my boyfriend hates for me to say, I feel like I am getting old. But I've concluded (like many before me) that men and women have a completely different concept of time, and also that I have way way high expectations of myself for being 24. *shrugs*

I did go out briefly last night and made an attempt to enjoy some of my youth LOL. Didn't go quite as planned but I enjoy good times with good people and I'm learning to make the best out of every situation. Plus alcohol makes everything briefly more enjoyable and so I lived with it.

How was your week? Anyone have any quarter life crisis advice?

(P.S. A couple of the blogs that I read inspired me to include pictures in every post even if it's just a design-y type one like the one i posted at the beginning of this post. Check out Alisha , Rebecca and Kat who not only post great content but always have very visually appealing posts =). And I'm a very visual person so it makes sense.)

13 February 2014

Taking Baby Steps to Healthier Eating

So I'm pretty sure sometime last year (here) I posted about my big belly problems LOL. It's actually gotten a lot better and I'm sad to admit that it had a lot to do with poor diet. 

I am 110 pounds on a good day LOL.. but in the past a lot of times my stomach has been so bloated that I have the appearance of a muffin top. Not OK at all. So I am slowly but surely taking baby steps to eating better because I think its helpful in more than one aspect. 

My boyfriend and I eat out multiple times a week and sometimes multiple times a day. Not because neither one of us can cook.. but because both of us are flat out... lazy. We would save so much more money if we made the stuff that we are constantly spending money buying because none of it costs that much in the grocery store.

I eat multiple times a day. And when I say multiple I mean like........ 6 LOL. I feel like I am constantly hungry and that constantly warrants snacking so I am constantly eating GARBAGE. I'm working on buying healthier things because eating chips and drinking soda all day.... yea no.. can we say diabetes? And last night when I decided it was time for a snack... I didn't feel the need to eat again after. Peanut butter is pretty filling (and that's good protein right? Please say yes!) LOL

I've almost completely stopped drinking soda. And by that I mean.. once or twice a week. Which is amazing for me because I was a multiple bottle/can of Pepsi a day girl and water has NEVER been my friend. I'm still working on the water part because I'm mostly drinking juice now but I think I'm doing a lot better than I have been and that's what counts! 


What do you guys do to stay healthy?

11 February 2014

Finding a Hobby... The Dilemma

I wouldn't go as far as saying that I am having an all out identity crisis..... but I'm bordering it. LOL
I love love blogging. I love to write. I love the feeling I get from the keys underneath my fingers.
It all makes sense for me. It adds up.
But there are days truthfully when I don't feel like writing. And I would love to have interaction with humans outside of the blogosphere LOL.

Confessions of an introvert.
I don't do well with the friendship thing. And not because I'm mean or anything (even though I have my moments) but because when I finally warm up to someone, I put my all into my friendships and I usually get half-***ed reciprocation. So I don't go out of my way to make the effort anymore. I keep to myself and I read, or write or listen to music and pretend I can sing... or I harass my poor boyfriend lol. Who is the complete opposite from me and very much has a life.

So I've been thinking about what I can do and I'm making mental lists and all that jazz. Cause it's time to spread my wings! I am a (almost) 24 year old trapped in a 40 year old life. LOL

What is everyone doing for fun nowadays?

Transitioning Update: Braidout Success!!

So after my mini chop I kept my hair straight for a full gross 6 weeks lol. I am somewhat ashamed (somewhat not) about that because that means I didn't wash my hair the entire six weeks I wore it straight. I maintained it with oil and by wrapping my hair and that's pretty much what I did.

Part of my reasoning in my head for this was honestly, I was nervous. I knew once I washed my hair and it reverted that with the shrinkage it'd be a lot shorter and I wasn't sure how it'd look if I tried braid outs or Bantu Knots on them. 


Something had to give because I was starting to become ashamed of my dirtiness lmao (it really wasn't that bad only I knew I hadn't washed my hair but I just feel like 6 weeks is too long if you aren't protective styling lol). So yesterday I washed my hair, and used my new hooded bonnet to deep condition (review coming soon =D) and then after that I braided my hair into 8 plaits and air-dried overnight. This morning I unbraided (and my boyfriend HAD to get involved as usual lol) and I have been super excited all day! I can't wait til my natural hair is longer and it looks fuller. I feel like this was pretty successful for me.

Anyone else having a good hair day?