27 March 2014

Summer Dreams!!!

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I am a beach day minimalist.... I'm going to relax... Be cute.... And run for dear life from the water lol. That being said Modcloth.com has some cute pieces to complete my beach day dreams!!! What's your favorite beach wear???
Uniquely You

24 March 2014

The 1 Reason (if there were no others) Why You Should Schedule Posts inAdvance

Because sh*t happens.

You see this? I haven't posted again for a week. Because life is so busy and I'm trying to catch up. I always have a million ideas and I am a habitual procrastinator. I'm such a last minute child. 

In the past I didn't believe in scheduling posts. I felt like genuine ideas come and at the time they come that's when you should write. But then I get more than 1 idea. Or the time never opens up for me to write. Or I spend 6 hours in the ER the day I plan to post... And then my poor blog gets left in the dust. 

And then people stop reading, and I cry. You see the vicious cycle?

Please schedule your posts. Even if you just plan 2 ahead. At least you'll have a backup in case sh*t does happen (which it so kindly has a tendency to do just when you're trying to get everything together). Your readers will love you for it. 

You guys still love me, right?

17 March 2014

Loving A Millenial

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Lord knows I never thought I would SERIOUSLY quote a drake song. But yup, it's happening.

I am sometimes so so ashamed to be apart of this generation. On top of that being African-American and apart of this generation sometimes feels like a double negative. I find myself shaking my head at something almost every day (Sharkiesha? yea I'm still holding onto that.) because we (as young people) go SO hard about how others give us a bad rep and don't take the time to seriously consider the reputation we are giving ourselves. It's so sad.

I honestly thank God everyday for my relationship. We seriously live in a time where people don't even take THAT seriously. It's annoying. The countless attempts I have had from guys trying to get me to cheat on or lie to my boyfriend.... it's amazing. Living in the era of the hook-up. Walk down the street and ask 5 20-something year old's (that's so not a word, I know people) if they are familiar with the term chivalry. It's almost non-existent. I see so many of my female friends settling and it makes me upset. They settle for the "relationship" with no title. They settle for their boyfriend who cheats on them, or hurts them, or isn't even there at all because they find it easier than going through the SLEW of immature guys to find someone who will treat them like a person. And for what? The sake of not being "alone" I suppose. I don't get it. It doesn't seem worth it.

Maybe I'm an old soul. Cause I want that me and you against the world type love. I don't need social media validation type love. Our relationship is private but I'm not a secret type love.

It's hard finding love with a millennial... but I can't imagine settling.

16 March 2014

Sunday Confessionals - I am easily Overwhelmed (sometimes)

Hence my lack of posting this week. And I had some stuff lined up that I should have gotten taken care of but I just completely could not get myself to do anything related to having to touch my computer. Sorry I sucked this week.

On top of my multiple doctors visits, some stuff has just completely took over my brain. All is fine now though but I'm still absorbing. Sometimes its hard for me not to obsess, and to stay distracted and just chill out. I am an over thinker by nature. I like to have an exact plan and know exactly what's happening when and sometimes life isn't like that. I'm learning to take things in stride. Wish me luck!

How'd the week go for everyone else?

07 March 2014

You Can Say I'm a Dreamer...

Pic Courtesy of Google Images 
I am feeling way to lazy to make my own image today. I was doing good too but today I am just NOT up for it. LOL

Anywhos... I have seen this quote fluttering around the social mediasphere quite often the passed couple days and personally, as a big dreamer, I love it! I am at constant battle with myself all the time because I have a severe case of "own worst enemy". I find that often, I have such high ambitions and then I usually talk myself out of it telling myself it's not "realistic" or that it's going to be "too hard" or take "too long" or be "too much". 

So seeing this has definitely helped snap me back into my own reality. You HAVE to dream big. No one else is going to dream for you. And if you don't follow your dreams you most definitely will work for the rest of your life for someone who did. It's absolutely OK to dream big. 

And when you think the dream is TOO big... "you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling" (anyone else love Inception? Just me? K cool!) 

02 March 2014


The title pretty much sums it up. I'm pretty sure I could write nothing at all in this whole post and you guys would probably get it. But that wouldn't be any fun at all and I figured it would be interesting to give everyone  a little weekly peek into who I am. Thus I've come up with a little blog series:

Sorry (NOT REALLY) if you guys are tired of seeing black and purple around here.. my favorite colors can you tell? LOL
It could be daddy issues.. when I was growing up my father made me promise after promise and almost never went through with them. It could be relationship issues.. I was a victim of domestic violence and we all know that the abusers favorite line is "I'm Sorry". Or it could just be mental issues because anyone who knows me knows that I'm a little cray cray and possibility a little bit dramatic.
Whatever the issue is, I hate when people apologize to me. There is a very very rare occasion where I find myself having to apologize to someone. You know why? I'm a thinker. I think very very carefully about my actions and my words. If I make a promise or give someone my word about something, then I go through with what I said. 

So to me, "I'm sorry" is a cop out. I'm sorry means ... my bad for being a complete a**hat unable to think logically beyond the means of myself. I literally cringe and my whole body tenses up when anyone apologizes to me because I hate it THAT much.

I'm not completely psycho though, I don't like punch people in the throat for apologizing when they accidentally bump into me on the street. I don't mean like the regular "this was a complete accident I'm sorry" because I am well aware that accidents happen. And you can totally tell when someone is being genuine about their apology or when it's a "lemme apologize because that's probably what they wanna hear apology". I hate those. I'd rather you just give me the finger and walk away. Don't fake/cop out apologize to me. I might punch you.