31 October 2013

Hey Sooo..... When are you going to do your hair?

I'm not gonna lie.... I had a horrible hair week last week! When I say horrible I mean... Tuesday when I washed my hair... it all went DOWNHILL.. it was dry.. it was crazy looking... It was... a mess... FA REAL! I never said I was going to be a pro at this transitioning thing.. I actually warned some of my friends that I was transitioning and that I've always pretty much SUCKED at doing my own hair and so that while I'm getting the hang of it there WILL be some bad hair days... and I wont care. So about mid-week when I decided that I was going to stop allowing myself to look like someones homeless child... I moisturized that hair up.. grabbed my Shea butter... and did two flat twists into a bun... HAIR SUCCESS... I was not going to touch my hair for the next 4 days at least and it was "protective styling" right? I went to work satisfied..

Funny when I got to work one of my male coworkers asked me.. (half joking but completely serious)... Soooooo...... When are you just going to do your hair??

.....................................*record scratches*.............................................

*internal thoughts*... Now I KNOW this [expletive] didn't just ask me when imma do my hair on the one day I've made a conscious motha[expletive] effort to look like a normal person and not like I've had my finger in a socket all morning. My hair looks well [beep]ing groomed today! Is he forreal with life? Am I being punked? CAN I SLAP HIM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

And just that soon... 3 1/2 months into my transition I realized that a series of people throughout the course of this transition are not going to understand what's going on at all! And I honestly could care less... I've never been one to get all in a huff about what people think.. My appearance isn't to please you and certainly my hair is NOT going to make everyone happy... but I've spent a long time being a people pleaser... Tanay is about herself right now... My hair is about ME.

xx- Tanay


  1. Ha! You know, it's funny... I've been completely natural for four years and even when transitioning, I never had someone come out their face and say something sideways about my hair. I hear stories from friends and I shake my head. For some, you can break it down because, understandably, they just don't "get it". Others, you give 'em one of these (-__-) and be on your merry way LOL You'll do great. Happy transitioning! {Fellow BLM Girl}

    1. lol people are going to learn very quickly that I dont care at all about what's being said. as long as im presentable it shouldnt be a major issue. im happy... be happy with me LOL

  2. Great post. Since I'm relaxed and always stretch for at LEAST 3 months...I completely get it. Just gon' head and do you boo!


  3. yea I've had people say stuff, even you're raggedy cousin, and I could've slapped the taste out their mouths but I learned to ignore it and now I don't even care


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