02 September 2013

Labor Day Weekend!.

I have a love/hate relationship with Labor Day.

For one thing... I live in NYC.... so anyone who knows anything about Labor Day weekend in NYC you know it can get a little cray cray.

When I was younger (cause I'm soooo much older now) I loved it. Who doesn't love having a carefree weekend... food/dancing/alcohol... a teenage girls dream! But NOW.... I'm not a fan... I honestly spend the 24 hours between Sunday night and Monday night

  • wondering if my boyfriend is alive because I choose to refrain from the parade festivities, phones barely work on the parkway, and fun/violence become synonymous every year around this time.
  • hoping no one else I know gets hurt
  • wishing I could just go shopping and no one else was in the mall for the sales (I know that's completely unrelated to everything going on LOL... but who doesn't love clothing?!?!)
I'm all for family functions and doing things of the safe nature... LOL... but I'm not into the craziness anymore. I don't understand why people aren't able to have fun without the violence. Before 10pm my grandmother was already telling me about a BABY getting shot... seriously?!.. *sighs*... 

so yea... ill stay inside... plus I work usually anyway. lol


  1. I had planned to go to the outlets and then I put down the pipe haha. Uh a bazillion people... NOT!! I'll stay home...

  2. Baton Rouge is like that as well. I think it's such a shame that violence is the norm for holidays and get-togethers. I spent my Labor Day inside as well and did some online shopping.


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