23 October 2013

Hair Update: What My Hair Loves Right Now! (&& updated navi bar)

**So its really common for girls (and maybe guys too!) that are transitioning to natural hair to spend a lot of time searching blogs/google/YouTube for methods that work for other people and to just have someone to relate to during their transition.... at least im praying that's normal cause that's what I spend half my free internet time doing now LOL. that being said I've updated my navi bar so that anyone who stumbles upon this lovely blog can take a peek at my hair posts if that's all they'd like to read =)**

I am officially three months relaxer free (as of two days ago lol)! It's getting harder... I'm not even gonna lie.. Ive already had my "OK tanay, are you on drugs?" moment... that moment where you just want to go to the closest store and pick up that beautiful box that made your hair so easy to comb through but so lifelessly straight... yea I wanted to do it... but I knew sooo much that after my hair was straight... I'd hate it.. and I'd be very very upset. so I'm sticking it out. I spend half my life touching my new growth... begging bf to touch it... or looking at hair on my laptop/ipad.. so much so that whenever I'm on the computer at home my grandma asks me if I'm looking at "big hair" again lol. I'm also itching to cut it already but I can already tell how real my shrinkage is going to be so I'm sticking with my initial goal which is to cut either at 1yr, dec 2014, or feb 2015 right before my 25th birthday depending all on my hair growth but I'm so sure I wont make it passed a year lol.

Top 6 things making my hair(life) easier right now:

[1 My Sock Bun] I am almost positive it'd be impossible for me to live without it! It helps me on my roughest of rough hair days.
[2 Goody Ouchless Detangling Comb] There is no such thing as ouchless detangling.. I promise you that! But prior to growing out my relaxer I combed my hair with a small rat-tail comb and that would definitely be a no-go around here now!
[3 Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie] When I first tried this I hated it! I didn't understand the hype.. I thought everyone was crazy.. then the other day I took a shower without covering my hair which ended with me looking crazy lol.. my boyfriend has this in his house (don't ask me why he's a weirdo) and I applied less than before.. to my damp hair.. and it was amazeballs! The first time in a long time I didn't feel extremely dry. He wont let me take it home so I have to have some extra for when I'm doing my hair here.
[4 Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask] This is great for me because my hair is dry dry dry! But I am a true lazy girl (not as bad now actually) so when it comes to doing my hair the fact that I can get a good DC and only wait 15 minutes?! Score for me! (my roots love it the relaxed ends aren't much of a fan)
[5 Coconut Oil] I honestly don't even know if this is the brand of coconut oil I have because it was given to me by a friend and its not in the original container anymore but my hair likes it! It's definitely helping to keep it moisturized and shiny and it doesn't weight the hair down.
[6 GNC Ultra Nourish-Hair] There's a good possibility that this isn't even making my hair life easier but I felt like I should include it since I just started taking them. I've only been taking them for a week now so its impossible for me to know the effects thus far but I have hopes that I'll see some hair progress from this.
xo - Tanay


  1. Transitioning buddy here! Almost 4 months post and aiming for 20 months before bc. let's stay in touch. ghanaianemprezz@gmail.com

  2. I definitely hate the smoothie and most of the shea moisture products. I have a ton in my bathroom - a few things from each line - and next time you come over you can go "shopping" :)

    1. yayyyyyyy

      I was gonna go to cvs but this option brings me so much more joy! lol

  3. girllllll that curl enhancing smoothie is that deal !
    It's expensive though, in my opinion. $10 for a hair product but it's reallyyy moisturizing and makes your hair all soft right.


    1. yess I love it! he bought it for himself actually cause hes a weirdo LOL. so im glad it was his 10 dollars =)

  4. I use 4 of these things regularly! Great minds think alike =P. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Which 4??? I love all of them. They all help keep me excited about my hair


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