06 May 2014

5 Annoying Things People Have Said/Asked Me During Pregnancy: First Trimester Edition

Pregnancy has a habit of removing all (or the little bit of) tact that people seem to have. Apparently NOTHING is off limits to say/ask a pregnant chic these days. I'm compiling a list of annoying things that people say to me throughout this pregnancy because..... I just like to reminisce on people's lack of intelligence sometimes.

  • Take your vitamins! OK this doesn't really annoy me because honestly, my memory is crap nowadays. I'd probably forget if I wasn't reminded daily. But a reminder is enough! I don't need you to physically force the vitamins down my throat! It's come close. LOL
  • Are you guys gonna get married? Eventually.... that's the plan. Am I gonna run off and get married because I'm pregnant? NO. I live in 2014 not 1814. I want to get married for love, not because I got pregnant and people think it's the "right thing" to do. 
  • You need to eat. Ya don't say? I've only managed to keep myself alive the better part of 24 years. Don't know how I would've survived without that little gem there!
  • Was it planned? So now I need to know what exactly you're asking. Was having sex planned? Was having a baby planned? Was making the baby the day I had sex planned? What exactly are you asking me? What part of my private life  EXACTLY are you trying to invade? 
  • How's "your boyfriend" handling it? This one probably irritates me the most. Because to me... this makes me feel like I trapped him in some sort of way. How SHOULD he be handling it? Are you expecting him to be handling it poorly? WTF does "handling it" mean? That sounds like someone died. Babies are exciting! We've never given an indication of having a poor or irresponsible relationship. So he's handling it like anyone else who's excited to be having a child handles it. TUH!
This is only the first trimester edition because I know it continues. It'll only get worse and I'll only get more impatient with people. I can't wait til people start telling me how big/small I am or impose their opinions on everything that I plan on doing. That's when the real fun begins =)

**sh*t that almost made the list includes: You're not breastfeeding are you? You have a little pudge, but you had some fat anyway. How old are you, 14? (that was actually a doctor!), etc.** 

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