06 December 2012

For Better or….. For Show?


First blog confession: I am quite the girly girl.

I have no problem admitting to being a hopeless romantic and I love all things love but quite recently (and I mean within the past couple months or so) I’ve had to face reality and my fairytale dreams have been washed ashore. Now I’m WELL aware that everything is emphasized on TV but for some reason I’ve always had this depiction of love and perfect romance. The whole boy meets girl, they fall in love, realize they cant live without each other happily ever after blah blah blah thing REALLY had me going LOL and I have yet figured out where I developed such HIGH expectations for real life.

It could just possibly be the generation that I’m growing up in now and the examples that I’ve seen in real life, but I honestly feel like marriage is a joke. Sad to say that if you would have asked me a year ago my opinion of marriage, it would have been completely different than how I feel today. There’s no commitment, there's no faithfulness and there’s no “I cant live without you” feeling. It’s not being treated all that differently than dating and dating in itself is a struggle. Not to even begin to mention the never-ending circus of marriages that are portrayed throughout the media and reality TV.

But all of this really has me wondering…..

Are average people only getting married because of societal pressure? Is it because they just feel like its “the next step”? Or am I JUST pulling my head out of the clouds at 22???

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