16 December 2012

... && I promise to be a good customer.

Working in retail really makes you appreciate the customer service industry. We all have our unflattering customer moments where we yell, get annoyed, ask for management and pretty much just try to get over (no? just me? ok lol.) but within the last few years ive had the pleasure of being on the recieving end it let me tell you how LIFE changing it has been lol. I find myself constantly saying "im never THAT bad when i go into a store" because youo wouldnt believe how shopping makes some people come off as incredibly rude, or incompetent zombies!
Are people just getting spoiled?

WHY do you need me to come help you use a kiosk that has all the information CLEARLY written across the screen??

WHY are you asking me for change when there's a big yellow sign that says MACHINE DOES NOT GIVE CHANGE??

WHYYYYYY are you acting like this is the first cell phone you've ever recieved in life????

Reading is fundamental people.... Technology is making some of you guys very very lazy. That being said I still love my job and I get amazing laughs out of some of the craziness I hear on a daily basis. You wouldnt believe it....


  1. LOL! This post was funny. I've worked on the receiving end as well and was also humbled. I'm proud to say that I have been humbled for about 7 years. LOL!

    1. LOL its an experience like no other. It definitely makes you a lot more considerate as a consumer!

  2. Nope I was never a bad customer :) lol. But working in retail for the past 2yrs has made me a better shopper & more aware of my attitude towards other employees when shopping , as well as made me just hate the entire human race lol !


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