15 October 2013

Random Date Night: Noodles & Company disaster

Soooo unfortunately (but luckily) I work and go to school like my entire life so bf and I rarely have time for date nights. We were trying to have them at least twice a month cause with both of us working it gets to a point where we both see each other only when we're going to sleep... anyway I digress, yesterday was an opportunity where we both felt semi-energetic enough to actually go out & since I can eat pasta for daaaayyyssssss without complaint I figured itd be a good time to try Noodles & Company which is also right by my job.


This was actually our second time at noodles... on the first occassion after a very very long work day for me we attempted to go there for takeout... the restaurant wasnt busy at all however when we got to the counter none of the staff even acknowledged us standing there. They were literally playing laughing and joking around and no one so much as budged to ask if we needed any kind of help. After like 5 minutes of standing there with no one saying anything... I stormed out.. and promised myself I wouldnt go back. This is why I dont break promises *eye roll*

We got service this time. We were both torn between two things on the menu so after a quick *eeny meeny miney moe* at the big menu on the wall we proceeded to the counter to order, and then sat to wait for our food.

I'll give it to them for presentation. The food looked really good. Buuuuut as soon as I put the fork to my mouth I was disappointed. It wasnt BAD but it was definitely cold. BUMMER. I love pesto and I'm always looking forward to food but this was a let down. Bf had bbq pork mac and I could tell from the way that he was eating that it was NO GOOD. He is an extremely slow eater when he enjoys his food and he was literally shoving this food down his throat in hopes it'd be over LOL. It was hilarious to watch and we always make the best out of any situation but I dont think we'll be back for a 3rd visit. Sorry Noodles =/

xo -Tanay

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