02 October 2013

Randoms // Things that Drive My Boyfriend Crazy

First blog post from my ipad! Whoop whoop! =)

My grandma bought a case for me that has the bluetooth keyboard and so far its almost impossible for me to type without having to delete a million times LMAO. Such a small space because its the ipad mini so its even smaller than a netbook keyboard... in my opinion anyway.. But i figure our fingers get used to texting so this is nothing I cant get used to.

My boyfriend and I are in like a weird in between phase in our relationship. I only say weird becuse theres like no organization to it and we're pretty much just winging it but it happens to work for us for the moment so I have no complaints thus far. But anyway I know some people are opposed to couples living together before marriage, but I think its really important. At this point I stay at his place a couple days a week and I think its giving me ample time to get used to things that had I not known, would've probably driven me bat shit crazy if I were thrown into them and couldnt look back. And vice versa, Im learning things that I do that annoy him for example....

  • He has this extreme opposition to me air-drying. I like to come out of the shower, and just walk around... I use a towel LOL but the toilet is really only used for decoration cause I wipe like no parts of my body with it. 
  • Also shower related, closing the door when I leave the bathroom after I've gotten out the shower. Because the steam never leaves the bathroom *rolls eyes* ... how do you know I wasnt going for the sauna feeling?? I like it toasty in there!
  • Getting in bed.. walking right passed the light.. and then asking him to turn the light off... LMAO.. I dont know WHY I do that but his face is priceless EVERY TIME hahaha. (Oops.. sorry baby!! *kisses*)
  • And not really house related... but he hates when I turn the light on in the car. He likes to live his life in darkness LOL jk... but the big tree outside his house attracts a lot of bugs... and hes always hot so he always has the friggen window down, thus when I always turn the light on, they cant help but to swarm lol

And these are just things that I've taken a real notice to... or things he's mentioned more than once cause its really driving him crazy LOL... But I have to live with the fact that

  • No matter how many times I tell him.. putting the toilet seat down is not a priority lol... He actually said to me one time "You're the one that needs to sit on it so you can put it down"... which is fine during the day but I take many a night pees and I just KNOW im going to fall in one day lol
  • HE refrigerates EVERYTHING! Seriously babe.... why is the cinnamon toast crunch in the fridge?? That's just weird
  • He'll get in the bed with the same tshirt on that hes had on all day... *shivers*... he drives a lot more than I do but I just shiver to think about all the life that you've touched all day and how its now INSIDE the sheets... stay on your side dirty boy =P
  • And... hes just a male in general LOL... so cleanliness is next to... everything... hes pretty clean but kinda disorganized so it makes it look messier than what it actually should.
That boy is my best friend though. I'll still cuddle up next time him in his all day tshirt, eat the cold cereal, and drive him crazy any chance I can. Loves weird like that..... 


  1. You got your iPad! LOL!

    I know a lot of people who are against the whole moving in before you're married thing too. But honestly, I feel whatever works for you, do it. I do think that if you decide to cohabit with the right person, it can be quite an enjoyable experience. It seems like you two annoy each other but in such a cute way.. if that makes any sense. LOL!


      we definitely annoy each other but hes still amazing! =) (&& I was just wondering where you were the day before you commented! good to hear from you)


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