30 October 2013

[[Transitioning Hair Problems]] - Snagged Nails

The title itself probably makes absolutely no sense... but seriously... this is an issue for me.

So I used to get acrylic on my nails ALL the time! I was in the nail salon every 2 weeks faithfully getting my nails filled in or redone... no one could tell me anything!.. Before I decided to go natural I decided that I wanted my nails to be more healthy. My own nails! Because for those of you who don't know.. acrylic is crap on your nails. It makes them brittle, it was turning my nails yellow... and it was just not doing me any good... So I took off the acrylic and started to take care of my own nails. But of course this means taking care of the dry brittle nails until my nail grows out from my salon overuse..

Its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

And really only because my hair keeps getting caught in my snagged nails. The nails are cracking and breaking which I don't mind because 1. I knew it was going to happen and 2. I can just file it down when I'm home and be on my merry way... BUT when its time to wash my hair and strands get caught in those cracks or snags... up-FRIGGEN-setting... Im already going to have shedding and breaking... just because of what my hair is going through.. but now I have to deal with my hair getting stuck in my nails too?! Give me a break... I don't want to have to wash my hair with gloves because in my weird brain I cant tell what I'm doing with gloves on.. but forreal though... it makes me want to cut off a finger when my hair gets caught up in there...

Rant Over
xx Tanay


  1. I have no advice :( used to happen to me everytime i washed and detangled and it's SO annoying! One time i was growing my nails long.. my hair snagged one. I just lost it and clipped all the nails off!


  2. LOL. I try so hard not to flip out all the time but its soooooo frustrating! It's like my body is tryna tell me pick natural hair or natural nails lol. I'm ready to put the acrylic back on!


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