20 December 2013


Straight from under the dryer! lol
Sitting in the hair salon typing this post from my phone as usual LOL. I've actually become pretty accustomed to the idea of typing from my phone... I know I won't be hardly ever publishing from my phone without editing first but there's nothing wrong with getting the initial ideas out right away when they come to mind. That's how I have to begin to discipline myself. I'm determined to grow as a blogger #ByAnyMeansNecessary and that pretty much means if I gotta do the phone thing.... The ideas have to be drafted SOMEWHERE.

My post last night was random. I'm super emotional. One of my biggest flaws is I'm a people pleaser. I'm happy and I so desperately want people to be happy.. And to be happy with me. So when multiple people in a day throw their unhappiness at me... *cue meltdown*. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to curl up and never come out of bed and not be forced to deal with people who I felt were ungrateful and could not appreciate the fact that I was working to please them. 

And some of my post last night was true. There is a lot of people/things/places that I need to separate myself from. When people are not depositing positive energy into you they are withdrawing the happiness you've saved up for yourself. I can't keep allowing people to make such drastic transactions. I work hard on my happiness. 



  1. I think it's best for your sanity to focus more on what makes you happy. Because your health relies on your happiness. Also when people notice how much of a cheerful person you are, then that will cause their own negative energy to leave.

    1. Agreed! I can't keep focusing on negative energy! It's hard for me sometimes because I want to give my attention to everyone and everything but I am learning to seperate myself.


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