31 October 2013

Hey Sooo..... When are you going to do your hair?

I'm not gonna lie.... I had a horrible hair week last week! When I say horrible I mean... Tuesday when I washed my hair... it all went DOWNHILL.. it was dry.. it was crazy looking... It was... a mess... FA REAL! I never said I was going to be a pro at this transitioning thing.. I actually warned some of my friends that I was transitioning and that I've always pretty much SUCKED at doing my own hair and so that while I'm getting the hang of it there WILL be some bad hair days... and I wont care. So about mid-week when I decided that I was going to stop allowing myself to look like someones homeless child... I moisturized that hair up.. grabbed my Shea butter... and did two flat twists into a bun... HAIR SUCCESS... I was not going to touch my hair for the next 4 days at least and it was "protective styling" right? I went to work satisfied..

Funny when I got to work one of my male coworkers asked me.. (half joking but completely serious)... Soooooo...... When are you just going to do your hair??

.....................................*record scratches*.............................................

*internal thoughts*... Now I KNOW this [expletive] didn't just ask me when imma do my hair on the one day I've made a conscious motha[expletive] effort to look like a normal person and not like I've had my finger in a socket all morning. My hair looks well [beep]ing groomed today! Is he forreal with life? Am I being punked? CAN I SLAP HIM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

And just that soon... 3 1/2 months into my transition I realized that a series of people throughout the course of this transition are not going to understand what's going on at all! And I honestly could care less... I've never been one to get all in a huff about what people think.. My appearance isn't to please you and certainly my hair is NOT going to make everyone happy... but I've spent a long time being a people pleaser... Tanay is about herself right now... My hair is about ME.

xx- Tanay

30 October 2013

[[Transitioning Hair Problems]] - Snagged Nails

The title itself probably makes absolutely no sense... but seriously... this is an issue for me.

So I used to get acrylic on my nails ALL the time! I was in the nail salon every 2 weeks faithfully getting my nails filled in or redone... no one could tell me anything!.. Before I decided to go natural I decided that I wanted my nails to be more healthy. My own nails! Because for those of you who don't know.. acrylic is crap on your nails. It makes them brittle, it was turning my nails yellow... and it was just not doing me any good... So I took off the acrylic and started to take care of my own nails. But of course this means taking care of the dry brittle nails until my nail grows out from my salon overuse..

Its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

And really only because my hair keeps getting caught in my snagged nails. The nails are cracking and breaking which I don't mind because 1. I knew it was going to happen and 2. I can just file it down when I'm home and be on my merry way... BUT when its time to wash my hair and strands get caught in those cracks or snags... up-FRIGGEN-setting... Im already going to have shedding and breaking... just because of what my hair is going through.. but now I have to deal with my hair getting stuck in my nails too?! Give me a break... I don't want to have to wash my hair with gloves because in my weird brain I cant tell what I'm doing with gloves on.. but forreal though... it makes me want to cut off a finger when my hair gets caught up in there...

Rant Over
xx Tanay

29 October 2013

Seven Deadly Sins - Link Up

I have been waiting to do this link-up for days until I had a nice amount of time to use my computer and to actual think and give meaningful answers and not just random fluff coming out of my brain lol. Halloween is in two days... Here's my Seven Deadly Sins Link-Up.
seven great things in your life.
1. My boyfriend <3. He's my rock.

2. School. I'm fully embracing what I want to do and working hard to achieve my dreams.
3. My personal drive. I am proud of myself and the way I continuously motivate myself in different aspects of my life.

4. My consistency with blogging. I'm getting better, and figuring out the direction that I want my blog to go.

5. My family. They drive me insane, but I couldn't trade them for anything.

6. Health. Because if I wasn't healthy, I wouldn't be able to do anything that I'm doing right now. And I'm learning not to take that for granted.

7.  My ability to keep dreaming despite reality. ;)

seven things you lack and covet.

1. Money (which I don't really lack.. I just always want more)

2. A relationship with God (took this answer from someone else but it applies)

3. Patience

4. Fully natural hair (hurry up! LOL)

5. Perfect teeth.

6. A better relationship with some of my family members. 

7. The ability to express myself openly.

seven things that make you angry.

1. Stupidity

2. People who take advantage of others.

3. Bad driving

4. Loud people on public transportation.

5.  People who hear but don't listen

6. My A&P professor (she really sucks *eye roll*)

7.  Not being able to help everyone.

seven things that you neglect to do.

1. Clean my room

2. Stop procrastinating

3. Drink enough water

4. Reply to texts (but sometimes that's on purpose)

5.  Keep in touch with my grandparents

6. Keep in touch with my siblings
7. Read for enjoyment.

seven worldly material desires.

1. A Car.

2.  To travel without worrying about expenses
3.  A puppy... I really want another dog =(

4.  A bigger shoe collection

5.  A black Michael Kors watch
I cant think of anything for 6&7.
seven guilty pleasures.
1. Reality tv

2. Sleeping in without having to set an alarm.

3. Cheesecake (I cant seriously eat a whole cheesecake, I know that's disgusting)

4. Pepsi, It's so so so bad for you. Someone help me stop drinking it!

5. Starbucks

6. Instagram

7. Facebook

seven things you love about love.

1. Having an amazing best friend
2. Never feeling alone

3. Having someone to keep my grounded

   4. Sharing dreams

5. The chemisty, even after years.

6. The passion.

7. Growing up together.

Join the Link-Up Here, and leave comments below telling me some of your answers! =)

24 October 2013

Real Quick!

I figured out how to change my url for Bloglovin' so that should be reflected here. Follow me on Bloglovin' beauties!

Also... my boo Miya is hosting a giveaway on her blog! So you should definitely check that out here ... but only if free stuff makes your heart flutter the way it does mine!

Just wanted to tell you guys that real quick. Night Night!

xo - Tanay

23 October 2013

Hair Update: What My Hair Loves Right Now! (&& updated navi bar)

**So its really common for girls (and maybe guys too!) that are transitioning to natural hair to spend a lot of time searching blogs/google/YouTube for methods that work for other people and to just have someone to relate to during their transition.... at least im praying that's normal cause that's what I spend half my free internet time doing now LOL. that being said I've updated my navi bar so that anyone who stumbles upon this lovely blog can take a peek at my hair posts if that's all they'd like to read =)**

I am officially three months relaxer free (as of two days ago lol)! It's getting harder... I'm not even gonna lie.. Ive already had my "OK tanay, are you on drugs?" moment... that moment where you just want to go to the closest store and pick up that beautiful box that made your hair so easy to comb through but so lifelessly straight... yea I wanted to do it... but I knew sooo much that after my hair was straight... I'd hate it.. and I'd be very very upset. so I'm sticking it out. I spend half my life touching my new growth... begging bf to touch it... or looking at hair on my laptop/ipad.. so much so that whenever I'm on the computer at home my grandma asks me if I'm looking at "big hair" again lol. I'm also itching to cut it already but I can already tell how real my shrinkage is going to be so I'm sticking with my initial goal which is to cut either at 1yr, dec 2014, or feb 2015 right before my 25th birthday depending all on my hair growth but I'm so sure I wont make it passed a year lol.

Top 6 things making my hair(life) easier right now:

[1 My Sock Bun] I am almost positive it'd be impossible for me to live without it! It helps me on my roughest of rough hair days.
[2 Goody Ouchless Detangling Comb] There is no such thing as ouchless detangling.. I promise you that! But prior to growing out my relaxer I combed my hair with a small rat-tail comb and that would definitely be a no-go around here now!
[3 Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie] When I first tried this I hated it! I didn't understand the hype.. I thought everyone was crazy.. then the other day I took a shower without covering my hair which ended with me looking crazy lol.. my boyfriend has this in his house (don't ask me why he's a weirdo) and I applied less than before.. to my damp hair.. and it was amazeballs! The first time in a long time I didn't feel extremely dry. He wont let me take it home so I have to have some extra for when I'm doing my hair here.
[4 Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask] This is great for me because my hair is dry dry dry! But I am a true lazy girl (not as bad now actually) so when it comes to doing my hair the fact that I can get a good DC and only wait 15 minutes?! Score for me! (my roots love it the relaxed ends aren't much of a fan)
[5 Coconut Oil] I honestly don't even know if this is the brand of coconut oil I have because it was given to me by a friend and its not in the original container anymore but my hair likes it! It's definitely helping to keep it moisturized and shiny and it doesn't weight the hair down.
[6 GNC Ultra Nourish-Hair] There's a good possibility that this isn't even making my hair life easier but I felt like I should include it since I just started taking them. I've only been taking them for a week now so its impossible for me to know the effects thus far but I have hopes that I'll see some hair progress from this.
xo - Tanay

15 October 2013

Random Date Night: Noodles & Company disaster

Soooo unfortunately (but luckily) I work and go to school like my entire life so bf and I rarely have time for date nights. We were trying to have them at least twice a month cause with both of us working it gets to a point where we both see each other only when we're going to sleep... anyway I digress, yesterday was an opportunity where we both felt semi-energetic enough to actually go out & since I can eat pasta for daaaayyyssssss without complaint I figured itd be a good time to try Noodles & Company which is also right by my job.


This was actually our second time at noodles... on the first occassion after a very very long work day for me we attempted to go there for takeout... the restaurant wasnt busy at all however when we got to the counter none of the staff even acknowledged us standing there. They were literally playing laughing and joking around and no one so much as budged to ask if we needed any kind of help. After like 5 minutes of standing there with no one saying anything... I stormed out.. and promised myself I wouldnt go back. This is why I dont break promises *eye roll*

We got service this time. We were both torn between two things on the menu so after a quick *eeny meeny miney moe* at the big menu on the wall we proceeded to the counter to order, and then sat to wait for our food.

I'll give it to them for presentation. The food looked really good. Buuuuut as soon as I put the fork to my mouth I was disappointed. It wasnt BAD but it was definitely cold. BUMMER. I love pesto and I'm always looking forward to food but this was a let down. Bf had bbq pork mac and I could tell from the way that he was eating that it was NO GOOD. He is an extremely slow eater when he enjoys his food and he was literally shoving this food down his throat in hopes it'd be over LOL. It was hilarious to watch and we always make the best out of any situation but I dont think we'll be back for a 3rd visit. Sorry Noodles =/

xo -Tanay

11 October 2013

Whats In A Name??

Switched the blog up... and it took me forever but I am a STUBBORN child by all means... I was determined to install the template myself and though it took me forever I was not going to give up. Just wasn't happening. LOL... im satisfied for now... I think its amazing for my first time... and its simple... I like simple.. =)

My post today though is about names... sounds weird but play along......

My Name

When I was younger I HAAATTTEEEEDDDD my name.... so much to the point where I used my cousins name in first grade on all my assignments until the teacher realized that none of my assignments were being handed in and for some reason there were assignments with the name Christina and no one had that name in my class... I asked all the time where the name "Tanay" came from... why did I get a "made up" name?? who was I named after?? Why wasn't my name "normal". I had identity issues clearly... But now... my name IS pretty much my identity. I wouldn't change my first or middle name for ANYTHING (last name I can get rid of... *hint hint babe!*). Who would I be if I wasn't Tanay Michele? I use my first and middle name everywhere... facebook/instagram/the twitter account that I never use but plan to start using... I love my name... I love who I am... I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Blog Name

I switched my blog (&& url) from "&& she can conquer the world..." to "this girl & the world." simply because... I wasn't happy with the name anymore. I honestly feel like I'm not by any means "conquering" anything or you guys would have MUCH more interesting posts to read... but I do feel like the world and my surroundings have a large impact on how I feel from a day to day basis and thus the type of blogs that develop from that. I am simply living in the world.. and not overcoming it. And I'm fine with that for now... one day I'll take the world by storm and then you'll be watching it on tv and I wont have to change the blog name again ;)

08 October 2013

Grow Baby Grow!!

excuse my emotionless facial expression! LOL

Blogging from the iPad again :D. I love my iPad lol (Thanks again baby!). Soooooo my hair is the longest it's been in a loooooooooong time. I don't even remember since I started cutting my bangs (like 6 years ago at least) when the last time the front of my hair was this long. It's growing. I'm freaking ecstatic. My boyfriend is excited (only because I am and he'll pretend to be excited about anything for me lol) ... And I just want it to grow so I can cut it all off LOL. This is the first real time I'm taking my own hair seriously. As you can see its long but when it's permed its really thin. So I have no problems retaining length I'm looking for fullness. I'm excited to keep transitioning even though it's been less than 3 months but I am a little nervous about what it's gonna look like once I have more new growth.. Especially since I plan on starting hair vitamins next week *fingers crossed for some good hair things happening*. How exactly am I going to manage the different textures?? It's gonna b crazy.... But I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to long huge healthy hair!!!! 

06 October 2013

Let It Go...

I am a BIG dweller.. I want things to always be beautiful and perfect... and I get upset when I feel like my dreams are not unfolding when I want them to. All of this makes for a very UNNECESSARILY stressed me. But I'm learning to let things go. I'm learning that the people who don't want to be in my life I cant force to stay... and that I shouldn't try to hold on... there is no point in having people around just for the sake of not being alone if you're not absorbing anything positive from them.. and if you're not instilling anything positive in them either... I'm learning to remove myself from the negative people, drama and to not be SO BUSY... because that was one of my flaws... I was always everywhere into everything.. I'm way more withdrawn now... and I don't see it as a bad thing... I don't think there's anything wrong with a person changing as long as their change isn't harming anyone. I'm constantly changing for the better. I'm looking for ways to surround myself with positive energy and be as stress free as possible.. because honestly I'm too young for stress. It makes no sense at all to be stressed out about things that are out of my control.  Eventually it will become easier. Because I want to live life the best for me.


02 October 2013

Randoms // Things that Drive My Boyfriend Crazy

First blog post from my ipad! Whoop whoop! =)

My grandma bought a case for me that has the bluetooth keyboard and so far its almost impossible for me to type without having to delete a million times LMAO. Such a small space because its the ipad mini so its even smaller than a netbook keyboard... in my opinion anyway.. But i figure our fingers get used to texting so this is nothing I cant get used to.

My boyfriend and I are in like a weird in between phase in our relationship. I only say weird becuse theres like no organization to it and we're pretty much just winging it but it happens to work for us for the moment so I have no complaints thus far. But anyway I know some people are opposed to couples living together before marriage, but I think its really important. At this point I stay at his place a couple days a week and I think its giving me ample time to get used to things that had I not known, would've probably driven me bat shit crazy if I were thrown into them and couldnt look back. And vice versa, Im learning things that I do that annoy him for example....

  • He has this extreme opposition to me air-drying. I like to come out of the shower, and just walk around... I use a towel LOL but the toilet is really only used for decoration cause I wipe like no parts of my body with it. 
  • Also shower related, closing the door when I leave the bathroom after I've gotten out the shower. Because the steam never leaves the bathroom *rolls eyes* ... how do you know I wasnt going for the sauna feeling?? I like it toasty in there!
  • Getting in bed.. walking right passed the light.. and then asking him to turn the light off... LMAO.. I dont know WHY I do that but his face is priceless EVERY TIME hahaha. (Oops.. sorry baby!! *kisses*)
  • And not really house related... but he hates when I turn the light on in the car. He likes to live his life in darkness LOL jk... but the big tree outside his house attracts a lot of bugs... and hes always hot so he always has the friggen window down, thus when I always turn the light on, they cant help but to swarm lol

And these are just things that I've taken a real notice to... or things he's mentioned more than once cause its really driving him crazy LOL... But I have to live with the fact that

  • No matter how many times I tell him.. putting the toilet seat down is not a priority lol... He actually said to me one time "You're the one that needs to sit on it so you can put it down"... which is fine during the day but I take many a night pees and I just KNOW im going to fall in one day lol
  • HE refrigerates EVERYTHING! Seriously babe.... why is the cinnamon toast crunch in the fridge?? That's just weird
  • He'll get in the bed with the same tshirt on that hes had on all day... *shivers*... he drives a lot more than I do but I just shiver to think about all the life that you've touched all day and how its now INSIDE the sheets... stay on your side dirty boy =P
  • And... hes just a male in general LOL... so cleanliness is next to... everything... hes pretty clean but kinda disorganized so it makes it look messier than what it actually should.
That boy is my best friend though. I'll still cuddle up next time him in his all day tshirt, eat the cold cereal, and drive him crazy any chance I can. Loves weird like that.....