11 February 2014

Transitioning Update: Braidout Success!!

So after my mini chop I kept my hair straight for a full gross 6 weeks lol. I am somewhat ashamed (somewhat not) about that because that means I didn't wash my hair the entire six weeks I wore it straight. I maintained it with oil and by wrapping my hair and that's pretty much what I did.

Part of my reasoning in my head for this was honestly, I was nervous. I knew once I washed my hair and it reverted that with the shrinkage it'd be a lot shorter and I wasn't sure how it'd look if I tried braid outs or Bantu Knots on them. 


Something had to give because I was starting to become ashamed of my dirtiness lmao (it really wasn't that bad only I knew I hadn't washed my hair but I just feel like 6 weeks is too long if you aren't protective styling lol). So yesterday I washed my hair, and used my new hooded bonnet to deep condition (review coming soon =D) and then after that I braided my hair into 8 plaits and air-dried overnight. This morning I unbraided (and my boyfriend HAD to get involved as usual lol) and I have been super excited all day! I can't wait til my natural hair is longer and it looks fuller. I feel like this was pretty successful for me.

Anyone else having a good hair day? 


  1. I'm having a GREAT hair day today. I did a 3-strand twist on dry hair last night and I have curls for days... love it! Anyway, a successful braid-out is exciting... go you! *cabbage patch* *running man* LOL!

    1. LOL girl YES I was TOO excited!

      I wanted to try a 3-strand twist but my hair is shorter than I'm used to in the back. And so my fingers were not up for trying something new while I am trying to get used to this hair also LOL. Hopefully soon!


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