23 February 2014

Sunday - Week in Review

I spent a lot of time thinking this week. I am definitely a chronic over-thinker and I can't remember if I've mentioned that here previously. But yea my mind is constantly on a thousand and sometimes the thoughts pile so high that I don't know where to release them. That's my current blogging dilemma. I have so many ideas that I don't know how to organize them.

My birthday was Wednesday. I didn't feel extra celebratory because as my boyfriend hates for me to say, I feel like I am getting old. But I've concluded (like many before me) that men and women have a completely different concept of time, and also that I have way way high expectations of myself for being 24. *shrugs*

I did go out briefly last night and made an attempt to enjoy some of my youth LOL. Didn't go quite as planned but I enjoy good times with good people and I'm learning to make the best out of every situation. Plus alcohol makes everything briefly more enjoyable and so I lived with it.

How was your week? Anyone have any quarter life crisis advice?

(P.S. A couple of the blogs that I read inspired me to include pictures in every post even if it's just a design-y type one like the one i posted at the beginning of this post. Check out Alisha , Rebecca and Kat who not only post great content but always have very visually appealing posts =). And I'm a very visual person so it makes sense.)


  1. oh that dress tho! let me find out where you got it lol!

    thanks for the shout out love. :o)

    1. LOL. last minute shopping I actually got it at charlotte russe. i was unsure about it but it got alot of compliments so i guess it was a win =)


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