13 February 2014

Taking Baby Steps to Healthier Eating

So I'm pretty sure sometime last year (here) I posted about my big belly problems LOL. It's actually gotten a lot better and I'm sad to admit that it had a lot to do with poor diet. 

I am 110 pounds on a good day LOL.. but in the past a lot of times my stomach has been so bloated that I have the appearance of a muffin top. Not OK at all. So I am slowly but surely taking baby steps to eating better because I think its helpful in more than one aspect. 

My boyfriend and I eat out multiple times a week and sometimes multiple times a day. Not because neither one of us can cook.. but because both of us are flat out... lazy. We would save so much more money if we made the stuff that we are constantly spending money buying because none of it costs that much in the grocery store.

I eat multiple times a day. And when I say multiple I mean like........ 6 LOL. I feel like I am constantly hungry and that constantly warrants snacking so I am constantly eating GARBAGE. I'm working on buying healthier things because eating chips and drinking soda all day.... yea no.. can we say diabetes? And last night when I decided it was time for a snack... I didn't feel the need to eat again after. Peanut butter is pretty filling (and that's good protein right? Please say yes!) LOL

I've almost completely stopped drinking soda. And by that I mean.. once or twice a week. Which is amazing for me because I was a multiple bottle/can of Pepsi a day girl and water has NEVER been my friend. I'm still working on the water part because I'm mostly drinking juice now but I think I'm doing a lot better than I have been and that's what counts! 


What do you guys do to stay healthy?


  1. Im trying to eat better too. I'm starting to realize how much i love eating veggies and fruits. I know that sounds weird, haha. I'm a new follower through Bloglovin. I hope your having a great weekend!

    1. LOL. not weird at all. fruits and veggies arent all that bad. There are only like a handful of veggies i can think of that i absolutely hate eating. hope you're enjoying the weekend as well!

  2. I'm in this same boat. I've been small all my life, but I got a little kangaroo pouch I'm trying to get rid of. I've been trying to do the healthy eating thing but I have issues with snacking too! I've been trying to do the healthy snack thing but fruits are expensive and they don't last long!! I gotta start adding some peanut butter!! I'm going to keep pushing though. I've added salads and more whole foods like chicken, fish, steak, etc. Like I said though, it's just a start!

    1. Yea peanut butter is definitely filling!! But addictive?!?! Cause I've been eating it non-stop now haha


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