11 February 2014

Finding a Hobby... The Dilemma

I wouldn't go as far as saying that I am having an all out identity crisis..... but I'm bordering it. LOL
I love love blogging. I love to write. I love the feeling I get from the keys underneath my fingers.
It all makes sense for me. It adds up.
But there are days truthfully when I don't feel like writing. And I would love to have interaction with humans outside of the blogosphere LOL.

Confessions of an introvert.
I don't do well with the friendship thing. And not because I'm mean or anything (even though I have my moments) but because when I finally warm up to someone, I put my all into my friendships and I usually get half-***ed reciprocation. So I don't go out of my way to make the effort anymore. I keep to myself and I read, or write or listen to music and pretend I can sing... or I harass my poor boyfriend lol. Who is the complete opposite from me and very much has a life.

So I've been thinking about what I can do and I'm making mental lists and all that jazz. Cause it's time to spread my wings! I am a (almost) 24 year old trapped in a 40 year old life. LOL

What is everyone doing for fun nowadays?


  1. Aw girl! There is so much out there to do!
    I'm the same way with my friends.. A lot of them are busy so it's kinda like "ill see you when i see you"
    but I keep myself busy.. I'm curious about many things so it's almost like I want to do TOO much lol. I could never be bored by myself. I suggest you find that special hobby that can get you out and about. Photography, gym to workout, yoga,

    GL girl ;)


    1. The only thing stopping me right now is the weather! There's so much dang snow in New York right now and I don't have a car right now either so most times I'm like... screw it... its cold... I'm definitely not going out! LOL. But I am looking into things to do once it gets warmer and hopefully looking into getting a car very soon so maybe i'll feel more motivated to travel LOL.

  2. btw I am gonna put up your button after I change my blog template! Ive been slackin girl lol


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