10 January 2013

&& I might be a Haphephobic

Or maybe I'm just a jerk. Because I SERIOUSLY cannot deal with people touching me. It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong I can deal with it when its people that I know, but more so if I like you. Babies? NO PROBLEM. Family? Hug Away! Grown men/women who just feel the need to invade my personal space? BACK THE HELL UP! And you wouldn't believe how touchy some people are. Sweet little old man wanted to give me a kiss on the cheek at work for helping him use his phone. I just about PASSED OUT. I just like to have my space lol. Don't stand so close behind me in a line that I have no ability to turn around freely. And its even worse when people touch my hair. *sigh*. Oddly enough though I am an extremely touchy person and if I love you I will poke/hug/slap (that might be a problem lmao) you any chance that I get. I'm a weirdo. It happens *shrugs*. Just please don't touch my hair. or my face. If I can feel you're breath YOU ARE TOO CLOSE!

Except for boyfriend. He can invade my space whenever he sees fit. =) But I do tell him frequently not to whisper because the feeling of breath around my neck/ear area just gives me the heebie-jeebies. LOL


  1. Love the post very honest and real. I feel the same way about standing in line and soneone is extremely close. I just want to turn around and say something, but instead I just kind of give them a weird look lol and the usually does the trick :)

    1. lol. yea boyfriend is really big on personal space too and usually all it takes is him turning around for people to get the picture

  2. O yea by the way come stop by

  3. Then maybe I have a slight case of haphephobia because I cannot STAND when people stand to close behind me in line. Ugh!


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