05 March 2013

Breathe.... Recollect... [[short life update]]

I have been BUUUUUUUSY. Not that everyone isnt extremely busy but I've just been tired. I've missed blogging but I feel like anytime I have a free moment I'm trying to see boyfriend, sleep, or do something to my enjoyment. Because working full-time and school full-time..... is hard. It's my first time trying to manage both together and some days I just want to crawl into my bed and pretend nothing exists.

In my absence though, I turned 23 =). && that is pretty much the only thing exciting and new that has happened. Which is enough for me. I'm also considering vlogging. Because I like listening to myself talk and I like to look at myself. Vain I know, but i find myself interesting.

That's pretty much it though. I'm going to be back more. Im slowly but surely getting it together.

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