08 November 2013

Definitely Rambling

I haven't felt motivated enough to write this week. Which is strange considering I just told my boyfriend I needed to promote my blog more. Wednesday night I had someone tell me for a good 15 minutes how great my writing was, and I was all HEY, I write all the time on my blog! That's why I need to make something out of it! And my boyfriend just looked at me all knowingly like he tends to do. He's annoying *eye roll* lmao.

I realized my last few post have all been about hair. And I also realized there's a very good possibility that some of my other readers could give a crap about my transitioning hair... and it's making me question the direction of where I want my blog to go. I definitely want my personality to still show through all my posts. That's super important to me. There are hundreds of other natural hair blogs and I don't want to get lost in the mix. SOOO definitely finding my way when it comes to that.

What else can I ramble about?? Hmmmmm....
That's all that comes to mind right now LOL.

I do have a product review that should be up sometime over the weekend. Definitely a SheaMoisture girl for sure =).

Til' next time loves.


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  1. I feel u on the natural hair thing. I just try to mix posts up ..lil of this,lil of that. Btw i tagged you in my makeup post.so u can do it if u want.

    1. I tried to reply from my phone days ago but that was a super fail lol. Post was done today =)


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