22 November 2013


*This post most definitely contains spoilers so if you haven't watched last nights episode... please do skip*

Yea soooo... about that. Every time I watch Scandal I feel like I need heart medication after. I have never ever been this emotionally involved in a television show and I have to say I feel like Ms. Shonda Rhimes writes her script with me in mind every time!

All that being said last nights episode KILLED me. I can go on and on about all the characters and try to decipher what the hell is going on in everyone's heads (B6-13 Quinn! REALLY?!!) but I'm most frustrated with none other than the Gladiator herself.

I get it... Maybe they're trying to portray Olivia in the most human light possible. But her character is actually starting to irritate me now. You wont be summoned? Yet you get this photo and off into the helicopter you go. Fitz (who btw I do not see the hype over, I'm much more of a Huck/Jake typa girl) tells you this was supposed to be "your" house and within a matter of seconds... drawers are dropped and the strong Olivia Pope that I love is gone.

She just gives in so easily. Is love that real?! HOW do you know that house **** wasn't made up? LOL. I need proof and details before I'm gonna get all re-emotionally invested in this married man! Good grief. I love me some Scandal, but I actually find that I'm not even interested in Olivia/Fitz's story anymore. It's wearing on my patience. I could not be Mellie #thatisall


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