20 November 2013

Product Review // SheaMoisture Organic African Black Soap Purification Masque


&& when I say dry, I mean like Sahara Desert dry. When I started transitioning in July I decided that I was going to begin with cowashing and I was going to do it once a week because I know for a fact my hair needs the moisture and if I leave it much longer I'll be patting away at my head like nobody's business!

Sooooo it began, and really cowashing and deep conditioning weekly (or week and a half-ly LOL) hasn't been that bad.. it works for me personally. BUT MY FRICKEN SCALP! At first I thought it was only because of the perms... I was one of those girls who come hell or high water was going to get her touch-up every two months faithfully! && I would be scratching at my scalp the night before KNOWING that I'd be picking scabs out after my grandma permed my hair the next day. I thought that's where the itchiness came from. NOPE. I guess I just have dry scalp. I don't really know the cause of it. What I do know is when I first started this whole process... It would be only a couple days after my wash day and I'd be looking like King Bey up there ^^ (and head patting has to be one of my boyfriends biggest pet peeves LOL... he HATES when I do it).

But oh SheaMoisture.... =D

... I picked this up from Duane Reade when it was on sale for $5.99 (I think its regularly double that price but I don't really know cause I'm unfortunately not THAT conscious of price when I really want something) and it has changed my life! From my first use I was hooked!
  1. It definitely gives your scalp that tingly feeling while it soaks into your hair (I think that's the tea tree oil?) which in my book, tingly = working!
  2. It smells super yummy.
And most importantly I went a full week without feeling like I wanted to dig my brains out, which is what I NEED! Something in this wonderful concoction is definitely doing my scalp justice and it left my hair feeling moisturized too. That's all I need in life. I'll definitely be keeping this around, otherwise I'll go bald from the scratching! SheaMoisture never seems to fail me =)

* All opinions stated in this post are mine, and as previously stated are an OPINION. I am not a professional in any way, just merely sharing what works for me and products that I enjoy. I was not compensated in any way, nor did the company reach out to me to share my opinions in this post.*


  1. Hmm, ill have to try that. My scalp always gets buildup and its annoying >.<
    How long have you been transitioning?
    Also you look like ulovemegz a bit!lol
    I found you on BBN ^_^ and im following, nice blog!


    1. Yea!! My scalp is always dry it's killer!
      I've been transitioning only a little over 5 months.
      Thanks for the blog compliments =)
      && that's the first time I've heard that about ulovemegz but she's amazing so I'll take that as another compliment! Lol


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