27 January 2013

&& where does all the time go?

There really ARE NOT enough hours in the day. Everyone just says that as you get older, time flies by. Im starting to believe them -_-. These week has been filled with working, mental preparation for school... and smothering boyfriend with my presence LOL. I'm used to us having not loads of time to spend together but just enough and now with the extra stuff added to my schedule starting this week im already suffering from withdrawal LOL.

So talk to me ladies (and any gentleman who my drop by)... how do you guys manage your time? I feel like the days pass and by Saturday im wondering what exactly I did ALL week. How does everyone make work, school, social life, boyfriends and family time work? And kudos to you all that do! Because this scheduling thing...... im still catching up to it.

25 January 2013

&& it feels like 1 degree outside.

I feel like its too cold for my brain to even put together thoughts and process blogging. You'd think that being a winter baby id take to the cold but... No. With the exception of November and December I pretty much hate winter. And the only reason I give it a pass in those two months is because I've lived in NY my whole life and I feel like the holiday season wouldn't be complete without the cold. But I'm sure I'd get over that real fast if I moved to a warmer climate. But yea, I'm blogging from my cell phone... In the obscenely cold weather... On my way to work. && this blog has no real point other than to rant on how much I hate being cold. Sorry guys!

21 January 2013

Hum-drum Monday... && weekend fun!

Monday should be part of the weekend. But then no one would like Tuesdays so I guess it doesn't really matter anyway lol. I definitely have some catching up to do on everyone's blog so while I'm pretending to work at work in a few I'll definitely be going through and reading/commenting.

Thank God for the past weekend off! Working in retail I don't usually have those but this one was much much needed. It was a circus for me at work all last week and by Friday I was praying for some type of relief. Thankful for out of state family! Boyfriend and I drove (ok he drove) down to Virginia to visit his sister and get away from all the craziness for a couple days. And no weekend post would be complete without cheap iphone shots! (SN: Blogging has actually given me more motivation to use my camera that I told my mom I absolutely NEEDED last Christmas lol. So better pictures in future posts)

This is the kinda stuff we do on our free time LOL

First time at the Gun Range. I was PETRIFIED!!!! lol

The only picture I got of us looking semi-normal the whole weekend! LOL

17 January 2013

I suck.... I confess

When it comes to committing to anything really. The only thing that I have successfully committed to thus far is my current relationship (have I mentioned yet how completely head over heels in love I am with boyfriend?). I am horrible when it comes to doing things on a set schedule unless I know its something I HAVE to do. And self motivation... only works half the time.

So that daily workout I was going to attempt? Lasted 3 2 days.
Eating healthier? I ate cookies for breakfast, and cheesecake and chips for dinner.
Drinking more water? I threw out half a bottle at work and bought a Sprite.

Hi my name is Tanay and im a Junk Food Junkie. *hangs head in shame*

12 January 2013

To Biotin or Not to Biotin?

Because im seriously considering taking it. I actually have a whole bottle ready that I borrowed  took from my cousins room. That sounds bad, I didnt just TAKE it. She said she wasnt using it. And ive heard about all the great things that biotin does for your hair and nails so i was all HEY THANKS ILL USE IT. But now im too lazy to research.

Is it only for people that have a biotin deficiency?
Am i going to morph into some long-haired long nailed looking crazy?
Is it going to do anything actually?????
And if it works then why wasnt she using it?

I dont really need it. If I took the acrylic off my nails then they'd grow with no problem. And im actually very happy with the way my hair has been growing as of late

Instagram Pic
Soooo if anyone has any experiences to share that'd be great. That way I'll know if its worth it to begin with. But until then.... Saturday Morning Coffee anyone??

10 January 2013

&& I might be a Haphephobic

Or maybe I'm just a jerk. Because I SERIOUSLY cannot deal with people touching me. It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong I can deal with it when its people that I know, but more so if I like you. Babies? NO PROBLEM. Family? Hug Away! Grown men/women who just feel the need to invade my personal space? BACK THE HELL UP! And you wouldn't believe how touchy some people are. Sweet little old man wanted to give me a kiss on the cheek at work for helping him use his phone. I just about PASSED OUT. I just like to have my space lol. Don't stand so close behind me in a line that I have no ability to turn around freely. And its even worse when people touch my hair. *sigh*. Oddly enough though I am an extremely touchy person and if I love you I will poke/hug/slap (that might be a problem lmao) you any chance that I get. I'm a weirdo. It happens *shrugs*. Just please don't touch my hair. or my face. If I can feel you're breath YOU ARE TOO CLOSE!

Except for boyfriend. He can invade my space whenever he sees fit. =) But I do tell him frequently not to whisper because the feeling of breath around my neck/ear area just gives me the heebie-jeebies. LOL

05 January 2013

...&& skinny girls can be fat too!

Have you even seen a skinny girl with a muffin top? Or wondered why that chick was so tiny yet her stomach just DIDNT match her body?

Confession: I AM that girl LOL

Idk maybe it was years of being told that I'd never gain any weight. Or maybe I've tricked myself into thinking that fast metabolism means its okay to eat philly cheesesteaks at midnight. *shrugs*. But when you're sitting down and someone asks you "how can you be so skinny with a belly" (because apparently thats TOTALLY socially acceptable nowadays! *eye roll*) then just MAYBE its time to workout.

So along with the ab lounge @ boyfriends house, and the website Random Abs, today I am starting my daily ab workouts. Because truthfully, I'm very tiny and if i could just get THIS under control.... I'd be in amazing shape. Wish me luck!

Because someday this could be my life! LOL

But before anything!. Lets try my first Blog Hop. =)

04 January 2013

10 Virtues for 2013.

So before the new year hit I started participating in #cleanout13 via @theajzone (on twitter). Like all things that require me to keep up with on a daily basis, i stopped around day 5 because i just cant handle keeping up with daily posting requirements. I'm more of a free spirited person when it comes to blogging, instagramming, and all things social network. I've come to find if its expected, it just most likely wont get done and so I do it when I feel like it and it works out better for me that way. Anyway all that being said I made it about halfway through #cleanout13 but one thing that really stuck out to me was making a list of 10 virtues instead of resolutions that you wanted to work on in the new year. And i figured here would be the perfect place for me to share that of course! So without further ado......

10 Virtues I Want to Adapt in 2013.

1. Love - A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.
2. Faith - Complete confidence in a person, plan or set of beliefs etc.
3. Charity - Generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering. Aid given to those in need.
4. Selflessness - The quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others.
5. Patience - The ability to endure delay, trouble, pain or hardship.
6. Peace - Freedom from mental agitation; serenity.
7. Humility - Freedom from mental agitation; serenity.
8. Ambition - Having a strong desire for success or achievement.
9. Persistence - Never-ceasing, relentless.

and last but not least. 10. Thankfulness - Warm friendly feelings of gratitude.

Those are pretty much text book definitions but I think everyone can see where I'm going with them. I'm looking forward to all the challenges, smiles, tears, and joy that the near year is going to bring. And I'm definitely looking forward to growing as a blogger. =)