19 January 2014

Temper, Temper

I wouldn't go all the way as far as saying that I have a BAD temper... cause no one with one wants to actually admit that LOL. But I am known for being a little firecracker. It's something that I honestly can't help. I am usually very quiet and calm (now anyway) unless I feel VERY strongly about something. Then when I do... its 0-1000 in less than a second and it's VERY hard to bring me back down. It takes HOURS sometimes for me to calm down.

That's one thing that I am trying to work on bettering. I don't want to be KNOWN for having a bad attitude because that's usually how it comes across and it really surprises people cause I am otherwise very sweet LOL. I definitely need to take up yoga or something LOL.

How do you keep calm?


  1. i think for me its always better when i step away from the situation. cliche i know but for some reason when i have 5 minutes to take a walk and am not face-to-face with that said person who caused me to be angry, i can gather myself again and look at what is really important!

    so yeah! your blog is adorable, so happy i found it! && I am your newest follower hey-o!

    xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog

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  2. I am a little firecracker myself lol. Had a lot of fun with your post! Just followed you. Hope you follow me back at http://www.thegodwithinu.com/


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