06 January 2014

There's only up from here!.

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I am diligently working on personal growth and with that comes growth as a blogger. I want my blog to definitely show me but also be purposeful and make sure that my readers are getting something out of it as well. This year is going to be all about growth for me because I honestly feel I NEVER have time to plateau. I am probably one of those people who are never satisfied... its cool with me... Greatness doesn't come from complacency.

How are you working on your growth this year?

P.S. Who loves my new blog design as much as I do? Much more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. Check out Rekita's beautiful blog or her Etsy design shop, all the credit for my new look goes to her amazing self! <3 

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  1. Great post, I think it's good to never feel fully satisfied, things will always be getting better :)


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