29 March 2013

What's for Dinner??

Boyfriend and I never very rarely fight. In fact, in our almost 3 years I can't really remember any significant arguments that we've had. We'd be the perfect candidates for the posters of happy young adult relationships. But when it comes to deciding what to eat for dinner, I want to cry every night. We don't live together (yet ^_^), his house is being renovated so there is NO stove, and my grandma still thinks that at 23 if i attempt to cook for more than one person I'll burn the house down. So the nights we do eat dinner together, all we're doing is deciding between an array of garbage to eat! I'M NOT PICKY. Most nights after work and school I'm happy to eat anything so i can go to sleep. But it always becomes much much more difficult.

Him: Babe what do you wanna eat?
Me: It doesn't matter to me really whatever, you have in mind I'm fine with. (god please let him have something in mind)
Him: It doesn't matter to me either, I want to eat whatever you want to eat........
**Minutes usually go by as we both wait for the other person to just say what they want**
Me: Doesn't matter babe just pick something.
Him: BABE! I don't care, I just want to eat! Just tell me what you want to eat.
**insert every four letter expletive you can think of... because now in my head I'm mentally cursing him out LMAO**
Me: OK well its INSERT SOME TIME AFTER 9PM HERE so the only options we have really are A or B... and I'm fine with whichever one.
Him: Do you want to just get Insert something that was neither A nor B here?
Me: *mentally banging my head against the wall, falling out, arms flailing, full on two yr old tantrum* Yea that's fine. 

And that's how we usually decide what's for dinner. He knows what he wants, but he sits me through a 20 minute production... maybe so he can say he asked me and I said I had no preference. IDK lol. But I love him nonetheless. Just pray for us when we actually live together because deciding on food to actually COOK, I don't know if I'm ready for that. LOL

*special thanks to my mom on her indecisiveness and reluctance to choose dinner at her house every night... the conversations between her and my step dad are VERY similar.. except the expletives are probably out loud LMAO*


  1. Yes definitely out loud! LMAO :)

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  3. Lol. This sounds familiar. ;)
    xoxo Aimee of Bows&Beau-ties (and fellow BBN member)

  4. Haha, maybe you could each pick a day on which one of you chooses what to eat?
    I really like your blog btw!


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