26 March 2013

Blog Design//Unbeweavable//&& Being In The Closet

My blog design is still super simple. But I love it that way. I feel like it exemplifies my personality. And quite possibly some of my vanity. Either way... I love it. && im proud of me for making the header on my own =D

I took my extensions out last night and i MIGHT want to cry. I am probably addicted to weave. My natural hair is a good length on its own but i just love the added.... something... from my weave. AND its easier for me to maintain. But I had a braid that was almost 2 inches away from my scalp LOL. So it was time to give my hair a rest. Ill be back in a few weeks though. I cant stay away. 

I am an in the closet fashion lover!!! In the closet because no one close to me understands. I just got the infamous "you dress a little like a white girl" the other day. WHY when a black girl does not follow the stereotypes of the black female dress code do we then dress like white girls? Whatevs, I love clothes, shoes, hair... everything. And I just took a very late noticing to Rita Ora and how she dresses unbelievably amazing. I had to search through facebook and then through the blogosphere until I found a fellow blogger Tranay who I KNEW would understand (she even blogged about her here). So yea, Im in love. And if anyone else wants to come out of the closet with me, or feels like sharing their love of fashion. Im here. An open book =)

XOXO Nay <3

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