22 March 2013

Relationships are HARD [[&& 5 Things Friday]]

I have the most amazing boyfriend in THE WORLD. A good partner is hard to come by especially in these days with all the media and sexual brainwashing. We live in a society that praises "big booty hoes" and women with goals, dreams, and ambition have a seat on the back burner. IT is HARD being in a relationship. But so worth it if its something you want!

Thus I come to 5 Things Friday. I've had writers block for THE longest and even though this is a personal blog I found myself at a loss for HOW I wanted to say what I wanted to say. But I'm back in full effect (I think) and I'm starting with:

5 Things It Helps Me to Remember in my Relationship

1. Communicate!

If you can't talk to your partner, it'll never ever work. The good, the bad, the random! It's an amazing feeling to feel like you can pour your heart out to someone. Start with baby steps and make your way up, but it is very very important to have that open line of communication.

2. Being mad is OK.

I'm a firm believer that you can love someone with everything you have and not like them everyday. Some days I'd like to give my boyfriend a good swift kick.... LOL. But going back to #1 its important to talk it out. TALK being the operative word... if you cant communicate without getting upset its OK to take a break and revisit the issue. And it is OK to go to bed angry. Sometimes exhaustion and high emotion don't mix. Sleeping  it off always makes me feel better. And I don't feel guilty about going to bed upset. My boyfriend knows when I'm mad at him, I don't love him any less. Sometimes it helps to just recollect.

3. Privacy is the best policy.

Some of the most well liked celebrity couples, we know nothing about their relationships. Social media is not an outlet for everything. Some aspects of your relationship just do not need to be shared. Females especially have a habit of venting to their friends every time their partner upsets them. When you leave room for other people to give their opinion, they're going to give it. The best thing to do when your mad, is to separate yourself from the situation and do something that is going to make yourself feel better. Then when you're over it and you speak to your partner THEN tell your girlfriends if you MUST. I know there are some times when you just NEED to speak to someone else about the situation but the first person you should speak to is the one involved.

4. Timing is everything. Space is essential

Its important to spend time together, but every waking moment, gets overwhelming. It's really true what they say you have to have time to miss them. As cute as it is to be "always together" everything in moderation. Even married couples need time apart. I'm not saying separate vacations or anything but 24/7. That's asking for you to be clawing each other's eyes out.

5. There are no rules.

Don't let anyone define what your relationship should be like. Everyone is different and what works for some people, doesn't work for everyone. You know your significant other better than ANYONE. What makes you happy, as long as your both healthy, is perfection.

All that being said, these are just things that I look at when I'm thinking about MY relationship. Like I previously stated what works for some might not work for all and there really are NO rules. I've never been big on letting other people define me and lucky for me my boyfriend accepts me all craziness included.

The End ^_^

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  1. Very insightful. All of these things are very important. The one that's most important for me is #1. I want to be able to express myself and know that I'm heard even if you don't understand...that's why we talk about it! Great post!!


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