17 March 2014

Loving A Millenial

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Lord knows I never thought I would SERIOUSLY quote a drake song. But yup, it's happening.

I am sometimes so so ashamed to be apart of this generation. On top of that being African-American and apart of this generation sometimes feels like a double negative. I find myself shaking my head at something almost every day (Sharkiesha? yea I'm still holding onto that.) because we (as young people) go SO hard about how others give us a bad rep and don't take the time to seriously consider the reputation we are giving ourselves. It's so sad.

I honestly thank God everyday for my relationship. We seriously live in a time where people don't even take THAT seriously. It's annoying. The countless attempts I have had from guys trying to get me to cheat on or lie to my boyfriend.... it's amazing. Living in the era of the hook-up. Walk down the street and ask 5 20-something year old's (that's so not a word, I know people) if they are familiar with the term chivalry. It's almost non-existent. I see so many of my female friends settling and it makes me upset. They settle for the "relationship" with no title. They settle for their boyfriend who cheats on them, or hurts them, or isn't even there at all because they find it easier than going through the SLEW of immature guys to find someone who will treat them like a person. And for what? The sake of not being "alone" I suppose. I don't get it. It doesn't seem worth it.

Maybe I'm an old soul. Cause I want that me and you against the world type love. I don't need social media validation type love. Our relationship is private but I'm not a secret type love.

It's hard finding love with a millennial... but I can't imagine settling.


  1. I know! I was thinking about this the other day. This generation is crazy!

  2. Maybe it's a generational thing, I have more 20 something fall in love with me in a hours time than anything. I was born in the 80's we viewed love differently and I also blame technology. It's really destroying us emotionally, because we no longer know how to interact with each other and understand the meaning of human contact.


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