16 March 2014

Sunday Confessionals - I am easily Overwhelmed (sometimes)

Hence my lack of posting this week. And I had some stuff lined up that I should have gotten taken care of but I just completely could not get myself to do anything related to having to touch my computer. Sorry I sucked this week.

On top of my multiple doctors visits, some stuff has just completely took over my brain. All is fine now though but I'm still absorbing. Sometimes its hard for me not to obsess, and to stay distracted and just chill out. I am an over thinker by nature. I like to have an exact plan and know exactly what's happening when and sometimes life isn't like that. I'm learning to take things in stride. Wish me luck!

How'd the week go for everyone else?


  1. Health is always the first priority, don't ever apologize for that.

    1. Have I told you that you're amazing recently? I mean that =)


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