07 March 2014

You Can Say I'm a Dreamer...

Pic Courtesy of Google Images 
I am feeling way to lazy to make my own image today. I was doing good too but today I am just NOT up for it. LOL

Anywhos... I have seen this quote fluttering around the social mediasphere quite often the passed couple days and personally, as a big dreamer, I love it! I am at constant battle with myself all the time because I have a severe case of "own worst enemy". I find that often, I have such high ambitions and then I usually talk myself out of it telling myself it's not "realistic" or that it's going to be "too hard" or take "too long" or be "too much". 

So seeing this has definitely helped snap me back into my own reality. You HAVE to dream big. No one else is going to dream for you. And if you don't follow your dreams you most definitely will work for the rest of your life for someone who did. It's absolutely OK to dream big. 

And when you think the dream is TOO big... "you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling" (anyone else love Inception? Just me? K cool!) 


  1. I've seen this quote a lot too, I love it myself as we'll.

    1. Its great when it comes to pushing yourself.


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