24 March 2014

The 1 Reason (if there were no others) Why You Should Schedule Posts inAdvance

Because sh*t happens.

You see this? I haven't posted again for a week. Because life is so busy and I'm trying to catch up. I always have a million ideas and I am a habitual procrastinator. I'm such a last minute child. 

In the past I didn't believe in scheduling posts. I felt like genuine ideas come and at the time they come that's when you should write. But then I get more than 1 idea. Or the time never opens up for me to write. Or I spend 6 hours in the ER the day I plan to post... And then my poor blog gets left in the dust. 

And then people stop reading, and I cry. You see the vicious cycle?

Please schedule your posts. Even if you just plan 2 ahead. At least you'll have a backup in case sh*t does happen (which it so kindly has a tendency to do just when you're trying to get everything together). Your readers will love you for it. 

You guys still love me, right?

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